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TTO Circle meeting: Internationalisation of knowledge transfer

Apr 26 2012

The European TTO CIRCLE (Technology Transfer Offices – Connecting Innovation and Research Centres and Laboratories in Europe) aims at increasing the market and societal impact of publicly-funded research. It was established in Grenoble in October 2011 and is currently composed of 25 of the largest Public Research-Performing Organisations, representing 15 countries as well as international organisations. Their representatives meet today in Rome to discuss the internationalisation of knowledge transfer.

The JRC leads this initiative, building on a well established technology transfer office, which manages the IP portfolio of the European Commission and is in constant contact with researchers, industry and innovation practitioners.

The members of the TTO CIRCLE have identified priority areas such as the development of financial facilities for technology transfer and the reduction of Intellectual Property (IP) barriers to collaborative research. Further objectives include raising the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among the partners and the reinforcement of their scientists' skills and competences. Specific training, staff mobility and good practice exchanges are being set up to reach these goals.

Close collaboration with key organisations in this field, such as EARTO (European Association of Research and Technology Associations), ProTon (European Knowledge Transfer Association), and ASTP (Association of European Science and Technology Transfer Professionals) is also ensured.