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Science for standards – new thematic report

May 22 2013

This new JRC report, entitled 'Science for Standards: a driver for innovation', gives an insight into how standards act as a cornerstone for a wide range of topics in areas as diverse as health and consumer protection, energy and transport, nuclear safety and security, and the environment. It gives a comprehensive overview of how the JRC provides scientific and technical support to EU policies in the field of standardisation.

The EU's growth strategy, Europe 2020, emphasises the importance of standards, outlining the importance of advancing the speed at which interoperable standards are set up, which is crucial "for the long term competitiveness of European industry".

The report shows in detail the JRC's input into the standardisation process from pre-normative research to the internationalisation of standards to be used world-wide. This research includes for instance developing reference materials for environmental monitoring, ensuring international compatibility in the area of smart grids and electromobility, and improving standards in cutting edge technologies such as remote sensing and nanotechnology.

It is the second in a series of thematic reports aimed at showcasing the wide range of areas where the JRC provides scientific and technical support to the EU.