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Science for Energy – new thematic report

Jul 01 2013

The third in the JRC's series of thematic reports has been published. Entitled 'Science for Energy', this new publication gives an insight into the research carried out by the JRC in the areas of energy efficiency, security of energy supply, renewable energy, nuclear energy , energy technology innovation and hydrogen technologies.

While global energy consumption is set to rise by 50% by 2050, the EU has set ambitious targets for 2020: reducing energy consumption by 20%, increasing the use of renewable energy to 20% of total energy consumption and cutting carbon emissions by 20%. In this context, the importance of energy research is obvious. This report showcases the JRC's scientific support underpinning EU policies in this area.

The report outlines JRC's work and achievements in the different areas of energy research, including for instance biofuels, smart grids, ecodesign, photovoltaics and fuel cells. Within each area, the detailed policy context is cited, showing the JRC's added value as independent and science-based advisor to the EU policy-making process.

As part of the thematic report series, 'Science for Energy' emphasises the importance of energy research to meet the energy challenge, and highlights the JRC role as the Commission's in-house science service.