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November 2013 issue of the JRC newsletter

Nov 22 2013

The latest edition of the JRC Newsletter has been published and can be downloaded here.

This issue features an editorial by Dainius Pavalkis, Lithuanian Minister of Education and Science. The cover story provides an insight on the JRC’s assessment of CO₂ emissions and fluctuations of food crop prices resulting from biofuels production. Among the news are stories on a new single indicator for measuring the innovation output of Member States and the challenge of engaging users in smart grids.

Further reading provides details on the importance of wild pollinators for the yields of food crops, the first assessment of the e-Inclusion intermediary sector in the EU and new software measuring the impact of cyber-threats against physical infrastructure.

The newsletter also includes briefs on the GBIO platform for sharing biodiversity knowledge worldwide by using the latest ICT, the release of two new certified milk powder reference materials and the efforts for harmonised topsoil data across the EU.

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