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New online tools to facilitate nuclear training and knowledge transfer

Mar 15 2013

Two JRC-developed tools have recently been launched: the EHRO-N locator, which helps find nuclear training and facilities, and an online course on water-water power reactors (WWER), aiming to preserve knowledge on this type of reactor.

The European Human Resources Observatory for the Nuclear Energy sector (EHRO-N) was set up at the initiative of the European Commission to address concerns about insufficient numbers of nuclear experts in Europe. The JRC has created an online tool to locate stakeholders and power plants, as well as training facilities, providers and databases across the EU. It provides a training database containing lists of courses, countries where they are given and links with more details and application information and a map with universities offering technical and engineering degrees.

The second tool is an online multimedia course on water-water power reactors pressure vessel embrittlement and has been developed in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). It is aimed at junior nuclear engineers dealing with this issue, as these types of reactors are a series of pressurised water reactors still in use in several countries, both in Europe and elsewhere.

Knowledge on such reactors is at risk of being lost due to several factors such as the retirement of senior experts, the fact that older publications did not exist in digital format, and that many documents were not drafted in English.

The ten course modules (for example “Surveillance”) provide very compact information and are powered with eye-catching animations to make the learning process simpler and more attractive.