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New EU nuclear security training centre

Apr 18 2013

The European Commission has today launched a new European nuclear security training centre (EUSECTRA), located in the JRC premises in Karlsruhe. The training centre will instruct front-line officers, trainers and experts on how to detect and respond to illicit trafficking of nuclear or other radioactive materials.

EUSECTRA offers hands-on training using a wide variety of radioactive and nuclear materials and a broad selection of equipment and measurement instruments. Indoors, one of the training areas simulates airport conditions, equipped with a pedestrian portal monitor and an x-ray conveyor. Outdoors, training is provided on a variety of scenarios, providing 4 different types of radiation portal monitors. Overall, more than 30 measurement and detection tools are used in training. The centre enhances the JRC's training activities carried out in this field at the Karlsruhe and Ispra sites.

Aside from the focus on trafficking of materials, EUSECTRA will enhance cross-border cooperation and experts' networking, and provide a centralised knowledge management tool. Advanced training in material detection and identification, management of radiological crime scenes and development of national response plans are also provided.

A series of pilot and focused sessions for front-line officers, trainers and experts have already been provided involving participants from many countries in North and Central Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries and Europe.

The EUSECTRA premises also include new nuclear safeguards training laboratories for nuclear inspectors from the European Commission (Euratom) and the IAEA, who have been trained for the last 20 years on a variety of techniques by the JRC.