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New dataset shows 25% increase in global cross-border travel

About 2.9 billion international trips occurred in 2016
About 2.9 billion international trips occurred in 2016
May 07 2019

In 2016 alone, about 2.9 billion international trips occurred worldwide - around 600 million more than five years earlier.

With around 1.2 billion estimated country-to-country movements in 2016, the European Union is the region with the highest mobility in the world.

These estimates stem from the Global Mobilities Project's new Global Transnational Mobility Dataset.

The dataset is the result of collaboration between the European Commission's Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography (KCMD) and the European University Institute's Migration Policy Centre.

Users can explore the data on the KCMD's Dynamic Data Hub, with an interactive map showing travel relations between countries around the globe.

You can request access to the raw data itself by sending an email to

More information about the data specificities and limitations is available in a recent EUI working paper co-authored by the JRC.