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Launch of interactive tool for EU R&D projects on electric vehicles

Nov 20 2013

The Electric Vehicle Radar (EV-radar), an innovative tool providing information on electric vehicle R&D projects in Europe has been launched by the JRC at the 27th International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS 27) in Barcelona (Spain). Via a large interactive touchscreen users can select project information either via a 3-dimensional car in which each key component is visible, or by geographical locations in the EU.

JRC researchers collected data on more than 320 publicly funded research, development, and demonstration (R,D&D) projects on electric and plug-in cars in Europe, covering the period 2007-2015 which received EU or national public funding, with a total budget of more than €1.9 billion. For each project the user can find detailed information such as descriptions, links, partners and budget.

The EV-Radar is accompanied by the JRC report Paving the way for electrified road transport, the third in a series dealing with electro-mobility aspects in Europe. It assessed the potential gaps in the European R,D&D landscape and provides initial input to the European Electro-mobility Observatory, launched by the European Commission early this year.

The Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition is co-sponsored by the European Commission and has grown to be the world's largest gathering of electric, hybrid plug-in and fuel cell vehicles, which takes place in Europe every 4 years and alternates between America, Asia and Europe every 1.5 years. The JRC further presented its work on e-mobility, including smart grids, battery testing and the joint venture with Argonne National labs to establish and further develop interoperability facilities in both the US and Europe.