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JRC supports more efficient and cost-effective maritime surveillance

Jul 08 2014

The European Commission set out today the next steps for integrated maritime surveillance across the EU, focusing on improved information exchange between military and civilian authorities and further cross-border and cross-sectoral cooperation. The JRC has provided scientific and technical support throughout the process of developing the Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) for the surveillance of the EU maritime domain.

With its cross-sectorial knowledge and expertise in complex ICT systems and maritime surveillance, the JRC co-chairs the Technical Advisory Group, which steers the technical work leading to the establishment of the CISE. As planned in the CISE roadmap, this has already led to a gap analysis, based on the mapping of data sets and to the assessment of the additional information exchange needs. Work in progress includes the definition of a standard set of data elements and services to be used. This will enable more than 400 different European authorities to exchange data, while ensuring a tight control over the management of the access rights. The JRC provides support in the definition of a common data model to allow the automatic exchange of data among different ICT systems. The JRC also contributes to the definition of technical solutions for the management of access rights.


The CISE initiative will enable increased exchange of maritime surveillance data among Member States' authorities across all maritime sectors: maritime safety, security and prevention of pollution by ships, fisheries control, marine pollution preparedness and response - marine environment, customs, border control, general law enforcement and defence. An electronic exchange of maritime information across sectors and borders will be supported by a digital system of data exchange based on modern and secure means of telecommunication.

This information exchange is one of the key strategic objectives of the EU under the Integrated Maritime Policy and an important dimension of the Maritime Security Strategy (June 2014).

Strengthening the security of our seas and oceans is also an essential part of the blue growth agenda to create growth and jobs; in parallel, CISE contributes to EUROPE 2020 as one of the components of the Digital Agenda for Europe; indeed, CISE is one of the sectoral initiatives contributing to the European Interoperability Strategy and Framework.