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JRC launches an online Life Cycle Data Network – call for contributions

Feb 06 2014

This Network is a web-based data sharing infrastructure providing information for Life Cycle Assessments (LCA). It already provides life cycle data from different sectors such as energy, transport, plastics and steel, covering the resources, energy and emissions used from the production to the end-of-life stage of these products and activities, including recycling. However, many other sectors are still missing, and the JRC welcomes contributions from any actor in this field.

This network will help to increase the availability of LCA data while guaranteeing coherence and reliability. It will support the assessment of the environmental impact of products and services according, notably, to the International Organization for Standardization’s norm for Life cycle assessment (ISO 14040/44) and the International reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD) Handbook.

Until now, life cycle data have relied on a wide range of unconnected sources with varying coherence and quality. The Life Cycle Data Network is a crucial step towards addressing these barriers to the effective uptake of this kind of assessment and tools in policy and business. Facilitating international sharing of data, rather than relying on single providers, is essential to expand data availability and enhance inter-operability, as well as data quality and transparency.

The Life Cycle Data Network will support policy development and application, and Life Cycle based activities and projects, such as environmental footprints. It builds on international developments led by the European Commission, including extensive stakeholder consultations and interactions with European and non-European representatives.

The first step to join the Network is to contact the JRC team in charge of this project . They will provide the necessary information to ensure that the datasets uploaded are compliant with the entry-level requirements. All data complying with the agreed requirements can be uploaded and accessed under the conditions set by the data provider who remains the sole owner of the data.