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JRC at the 2014 Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF)

Jun 23 2014

Active player at ESOF since its first edition in 2004, this year the JRC organises six scientific sessions which illustrate the importance of science for policy and participates in other two. It also presents an exhibit entitled "Soil - the hidden treasure" within the "Science in the City" festival.

The JRC's workshops and panels cover a variety of topics, including urbanisation in the 21st century, fiscal policy and economic growth, detection of food fraud, socio-economic issues and raw materials supply as well as the use of social incentives to encourage children to do more physical activity. With their focus on finding sustainable solutions that are useful to society and help to enhance economic growth, these JRC symposia attracted high level speakers from various organisations and academia worldwide.

ESOF is Europe’s largest forum for promoting scientific excellence and sharing scientific knowledge. Its 2014 edition – titled 'Science Building Bridges' – takes place from 21 to 26 June in Copenhagen, Denmark. ESOF 2014 is a unique opportunity for leading scientists, young researchers, students, entrepreneurs, policymakers, journalists and the general public to discuss new discoveries and debate the direction that research is taking in various fields.

The areas covered in JRC sessions and displays during ESOF range from securing our energy future, health and food safety, through research on human social behaviour to the protection of vital natural resources such as soil. This reflects the scope and the multi-disciplinarity of JRC's work.


The JRC will lead the following scientific sessions:


Monday 23 June:

Tuesday 24 June:

Wednesday 25 June:

The JRC will also take part in the "Science in the City" festival organised by ESOF to engage with the public. With the exhibit "Soil - the hidden treasure" the JRC aims to raise awareness on the benefits that soil brings to our daily lives, the environment and the economy. In addition, the JRC also participates in the following sessions organised by other organisations: