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JRC’s new media monitoring App rises to great success

Jan 09 2014

The mobile version of the JRC-developed Europe Media Monitor (EMM) – available for both iOS and Android platforms and covering 75 languages – has become a great success. After its launch, it was even briefly Germany’s top-ranked free news App and ranked ninth out of hundreds of thousands of all free Apps.

EMM is an entirely free news monitoring platform that first came online in 2002. It currently gathers an average of 175,000 news articles per day in 75 languages and applies a whole range of fully automatic multilingual natural language processing tools to structure and analyse the news. The user-friendly interface gives readers a quick and clear overview of what is happening around the world and how the top stories are developing. Users can browse the news by subject and they can follow specific entities such as persons, organisations and countries. Timelines give a birds’ eye overview of recent developments. Quotations by and about people highlight the more social aspect of the news, giving the reader condensed access to criticism or support towards persons and their statements.

The newly developed EMM App goes beyond the big-screen version in that users can personalise their home pages by selecting those themes, entities and languages they want to follow. The current Apps have been developed for the iPad and for selected products running the Android operating system. Dedicated Apps for even smaller screens such as the iPhone will follow soon.