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The Joint Research Centre launches new exhibition to highlight the science behind EU policy

The JRC, in cooperation with the  Berlin Museum für Naturkunde, is running aan exhibition called 'ARTEFACTS'
The JRC, in cooperation with the Berlin Museum für Naturkunde, is running aan exhibition called 'ARTEFACTS'
Oct 08 2018

On 8 October 2018 the Joint Research Centre is launching an exhibition called 'ARTEFACTS' in the Berlin Museum für Naturkunde. The exhibition will use art to engage citizens in a discussion about EU policies and the scientific evidence behind them, demonstrating the value in our everyday lives.

Tibor Navracsics, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, responsible for the Joint Research Centre, said: "At a time when the role of expert knowledge and facts in decision-making is increasingly questioned, it is crucial to demonstrate to citizens that we carry out research in order to provide independent scientific advice to inform our work. This innovative exhibition enlists art to help people discover for themselves how EU policies based on evidence serve them in their everyday life and help us tackle the big challenges facing our societies." 

In cooperation with the Museum of Natural History in Berlin, the exhibition aims to engage visitors about key topics of public concern, such as food, energy, climate, air and water.

Its aim is to spark a discussion of environmental issues that connects to politics, science and society at large, effectively bridging ART and FACTS.

ARTEFAKTE points out the challenges but at the same time says: taking care of nature and the environment is a responsibility borne by all of us – scientists, politicians, and the general public alike.

The exhibition captures the imagination through vivid records of the massive impact that people are having on the environment - through coal mining, fracking or waste reservoirs filled with pig excrement.

Using the photographs as a reference point, ARTEFAKTE explores the urgent environmental issues of our time and provokes a dialogue.

Visitors will have the opportunity to speak with scientists of the Joint Research Centre about the complexity of searching for social and political solutions, share experiences and contribute ideas.

The exhibition will take place at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin from 9 October 2018 until autumn 2019. A digital version of the exhibition will be available at the end of the month.