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ICT innovation in the automotive industry, a key competence in Europe

Dec 09 2010

A new JRC report reviews the state of the art of the competitiveness of the European automotive embedded systems industry. Currently information and communication technologies (ICT) innovation in this sector is a key competence in Europe, with very little innovation of this kind brought in from outside into EU automotive companies. It highlights however the need for continuous product innovation if jobs are to be maintained in this sector.

The report aims to answer the following question: how can the European automotive industry retain its strong current position and prosper in an increasingly competitive global sector? According to the study, ICT will play a crucial role and the EU must retain its leadership in most automotive ICT sectors. ICT features can be used to differentiate market segments and raise car sales, which can help to solve the overcapacity problem the European automotive industry has faced for decades.

Among their policy-related conclusions, the authors of the study recommend the EU automotive industry to invest in emerging and future technologies with software-intensive segments: Advance Driver Assist systems (ADAS), Vehicle-to-vehicle/Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication (V2X) and autonomous driving. In addition, they highlight the role of ICT in the transformation of the economy and call for a highly-skilled workforce of software engineers and system integrators as well as for integrated cross-departmental policies, avoiding vertical silos.

JRC-IPTS Report: "Is Europe in the driver's seat? The competitiveness of the European automotive embedded systems industry"