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High cereal yields forecast for EU-28

Aug 25 2014

The latest MARS crop monitoring in Europe bulletin, published today, reports that overall EU-28 cereal yield forecasts for 2014 remain favourable, at the level of last year and above the average of the past five years (+6.1%). Yield prospects for grain maize are excellent at the moment, with forecast yields 11% above the level of last year and the past five years' average.

Large parts of Europe, from France to south-western Romania, experienced exceptionally high rainfall during the period of review. Although this led to a slowing down and interruption of harvesting activities, the negative impact on winter and spring cereals was limited, with severe problems only occurring locally.

Conditions for summer crops are good to excellent in most of Europe. Near-average temperatures and the humid weather conditions have boosted the growth of summer crops, especially for maize. However, maize crop yields have been negatively impacted in Ukraine and Turkey, where persistent high temperatures were recorded at the end of the flowering period and the start of the grain-filling stages.

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