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February 2014 issue of the JRC newsletter

Feb 04 2014

The latest edition of the JRC Newsletter has been published and can be downloaded here.

An editorial by Màire Geoghegan-Quinn, European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science focuses on the importance of investment in innovation and research as drivers of economic growth and more jobs.

The cover story provides an insight in the JRC’s work on food safety and security. From food and feed analysis on contaminants such as antibiotics and toxins, to methods of detection and quantification of GMOs, and identification of nanomaterials in food, as well as close scrutiny of food contact materials, the JRC supports EU policies ensuring the food that arrives on European tables is safe for consumption. In developing countries, the JRC's research supports efforts to ensure access to food for vulnerable communities.

The newsletter also reports on the 70% share of renewable energies in newly-installed power capacities within the EU in 2012. A separate brief focuses on the risk of shortages related to eight metals which are used in low-carbon energy technologies: dysprosium appears to be at highest risk, as the EU will require 25% of the expected world supply in 2020-2030.

Further reading presents an overview of the competitiveness of the EU regions, pointing at wide gaps between capital regions and the second most competitive in France, Romania and Slovakia, while regions in Germany show similar level of competitiveness. The report also provides a guidance how to overcome the gaps.

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