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Endocrine disruptors – Have your say on the EU legislation

The public consultation on endocrine disruptors starts today and will run for 12 weeks.
The public consultation on endocrine disruptors starts today and will run for 12 weeks.
Dec 16 2019

Today the Commission launches a citizens' consultation on endocrine disruptors. How much do you know about these chemical substances? Do you have any particular concerns?

Share your views with us by answering our survey in your own language.

Cosmetics, packaging, toys, food, pesticides… EU legislation protects us from exposure to harmful substances in the products we use in our daily life, and which may also end up in the environment.

Some of these chemical substances have the potential to interfere with our hormonal (endocrine) system. 

They are called endocrine disruptors.

The endocrine system is complex and includes many organs in our body.

Its disruption can contribute to a wide variety of health effects, including hormone-related cancers.

What is the EU doing to protect its citizens?

The EU is a global leader in managing the risks posed by these substances.

In fact, endocrine disruptors are considered under different areas of European law for instance in pesticides, biocides, chemicals (through the REACH Regulation), medical devices, water.

The European Commission intends now to assess the coherence of these laws, but also to give specific attention to laws that do not contain specific reference to endocrine disruptors, such as those related to children’s toys, cosmetics and food contact materials.

This is in order to check that, through their general provisions or through interconnections to other laws, they are equally effective in identifying endocrine disruptors and in managing the risks that they might pose.

The JRC is responsible for the Fitness Check

The JRC is leading the Fitness Check. It will evaluate whether relevant EU laws deliver on their objectives to minimise exposure of people and the environment to endocrine disrupting substances.

In total, the JRC has mapped about 30 regulations and directives related to the identification and control of manufactured substances in products used by workers, consumer products, waste and water.

An essential part of this Fitness Check is to broadly consult stakeholder groups as well as citizens to allow everyone to share their views.

Our public consultation starts today and will run for 12 weeks.

We invite you to participate to this survey because your opinion matters!

  • How much do you know about endocrine disruptors?
  • What are your concerns?

Share your view with us in your own language.