EU Science Hub

JRC new website, the Science Hub, goes live

May 01 2014

Discover the Science Hub – the portal bringing together scientific knowledge for Europe

The newly launched Science Hub brings together, on one single platform, all scientific knowledge produced by the European Commission’s in-house science service and its research institutes across Europe. It integrates and aggregates information on the JRC’s scientific activities, publications, in-house developed tools and databases, laboratories and unique research facilities. The Science Hub enhances the transparency and openness of the European Commission's in-house science service and facilitates the open access policy of our scientific research.

The Hub is a gateway to ten science areas and a variety of related research topics. It features latest news on the JRC's research results, as well as exchange and networking opportunities bringing together policymakers, the scientific community and industry. Readers can easily access the JRC scientific publications through a publicly available database, as well as gain an insight into the scientific and technological evidence which backs the Commission’s policy-making process.

This is a living platform which we hope serves the information and exchange needs of the scientific community, policy and decision-makers, and the general public. Should you like to send your feedback and comments on the Science Hub, please write to the editor .