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2017 JRC Art & Science Festival – Call for participation of artists

Three coloured square perspex cubes next to each other, with two people in the middle cube.
May 10 2016

This call for participation has been cancelled.

Are you an artist interested in experimenting in cross-disciplinary and multi-cultural environments? In the spring of 2017, the JRC will organise the next edition of its successful Resonances Art & Science Festival and Exhibition on the theme “Fairness”, and is looking for artists to take part in a preparatory workshop in August 2016.

Following on from the success of the 2015 event which was an exciting and stimulating experience for scientists, artists and participants alike, the JRC will organise a new edition of the Resonances Art & Science festival in the spring of 2017. By working together outside the usual comfort zones, we set the scene for expanding our mind sets to jointly create new visions on scientific, artistic and societal progress.

The festival will be a true co-production between artists and scientists who come together to create original works of art or installations. “Fairness” was chosen as a theme to encourage participants to expand on existing insights in the important challenges of our societies, such as global warming, sustainability, resilience, migration, perceptions of an unfair society, inequality and income inequality.

In the spirit of “let’s do, not talk”, the JRC invites artists working on the border between science and art to participate in the preparatory workshop for the festival, taking place from 31 August to 2 September 2016 at the JRC Ispra site in northern Italy.

During the workshop, selected artists and JRC scientists will exchange ideas, data, and narratives pertaining to the 2017 theme, with the objective of jointly creating an artistic installation based on scientific data. The installation can be based on traditional art (painting, sculpture, music) or ‘new’ art (video-art, bio-art, mixed installations, etc).

The workshop is organised back to back with the JRC 2016 Summer School on Arts, Science, and Society, bringing together artists, scientists and policy makers (29-30 August 2016).

If you are an artist (aged over 18) interested in experimenting in cross-disciplinary and multi-cultural environments on the theme of fairness, then have a look at the detailed call for applications on how to apply until 30 May.