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2000 students discover the work of JRC scientists

May 14 2014

On 13 and 14 May, almost 2000 students from some 40 schools visited the JRC laboratories in Ispra to discover what the JRC does and how it contributes to several EU policies.

The JRC organises "Student Days" every other year in Ispra to demonstrate how science can help tackle many global challenges, ranging from climate change to earthquakes, and to explain how JRC science fits into EU policy development. This first-hand experience in research laboratories also aims to show the daily work of a scientist, thus encouraging students to pursue scientific studies, an objective which the European Commission considers crucial achieving the European Union goals linked to innovation and economic development.

Each school participating in the event followed a richly filled programme of activities. During the day, the students discovered what is in the air that we breathe, in the ground that we walk on, which alternatives to animal testing exist, and how JRC research in these and many other areas help to create EU standards and grounds for EU legislation.

This year – owing to the success of the event in the past years – the student days are spread over two days to give more schools at different educational levels the opportunity to visit the JRC. Yesterday was dedicated to elementary schools, today the JRC welcomes 17 high schools and universities.