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Geographical distribution of the number of SG projects surveyed in 2011 inventory and in the 2012 update Geographical distribution of the number of SG projects surveyed in 2011 inventory and in the 2012 update
©EU, 2012
Apr 22 2013

The JRC has published today the 2012 update of the 2011 report "Smart Grid projects in Europe: lessons learned and current developments ", which is the most comprehensive inventory of smart grid and smart metering initiatives across the European Union, Croatia, Switzerland and Norway.

Winners of the new JRC travel prize - Jugend forscht. Ines Dedeke (left) and Andrea Bohse. Winners of the new JRC travel prize - Jugend forscht
©Jugend forscht, 2011
May 24 2011

The JRC participated for the first time in Jugend forscht, the biggest youth science and technology competition in Europe which had a record participation of 10,677 this year.

photo of the young scientists inside a lab Young visitors in the nano-biotechnology laboratory
©EU, 2012
Jul 03 2012

Successful participants in youth science competitions are spending a few days at JRC's Ispra site. They were awarded the prizes donated by the JRC in support of the 23rd European Union Contest for Young Scientists and the German 'Jugend forscht' competition.

Soil in hands Soils are fundamental to life on Earth, yet they are under threat of continuous degradation.
Dec 04 2015

The overwhelming majority of soil resources across the globe are in poor condition and their health is worsening, according to the first global status report on soil resources, which is being presented today in Rome in anticipation of the World Soil Day (5 December). The JRC provided extensive contributions, particularly on the regional assessment of soils in Europe. The World Soil resources report is one of the main achievements of the Global Soil Partnership (GSP) in the context of the International Year of Soil (IYS).

Air pollution is an increasingly pressing global environmental challenge. Air pollution is an increasingly pressing global environmental challenge.
©EU, 2012
Aug 07 2012

A paper co-authored by JRC researchers and recently published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics demonstrates the extent to which global air quality will deteriorate by 2050 if man-made emissions remain at current levels and air quality legislation is not reinforced. According to the paper, Effects of business-as-usual anthropogenic emissions on air quality, the air quality experienced by the average global citizen in 2050 would be almost as poor as that experienced by the average citizen in East Asia today.

Wetlands provide a natural solution to water purification Wetlands provide a natural solution to water purification
©EU, 2012
Mar 22 2012

22 March marks the annual celebration of International World Water Day. Action is needed to balance the difficult water supply and demand equation, handle water stress or water scarcity in times of changing climate and sustain our water ecosystems. The European Commission supports research to help to manage our water resources sustainably and achieve the shift towards an internationally competitive, water-efficient economy in Europe.

Hand held Digital measuring device The JRC provides reliable scientific and technical support to standardisation policy and legislation.
Oct 14 2015

The World Standards Day, celebrated internationally on 14 October, was designed to raise awareness on the importance of standardisation to the global economy.

Graphic of a cut-out of the soil showing potatoes, carrots, onions, beetroot, radishes and parsnip growing under the ground It takes around 100 years in temperate climates for 1cm of soil to form.
©FAO, 2014
Dec 05 2014

Today, 5 December, is World Soil Day, which celebrates the importance of soil as a vital contributor to ecosystems' functioning, food, water and energy security, and as a mitigator of biodiversity loss and climate change. World Soil Day aims to connect people with soils and raise awareness of their importance in our lives.

Containers on ship As of 1st September, thanks to research, shipping containers are subject to improved inspection.
©Federico Rostagno, Fotolia
Sep 29 2016

Celebrated annually on 29 September, this year’s World Maritime Day, themed "Shipping: indispensable to the world", focuses on the importance of international shipping for today’s global society. Fighting fraud and mapping of shipping routes to address safety and security, such as piracy in the Indian Ocean, as well as to help gauge new economic opportunities in the Arctic have been important aspects of JRC research in the last years.

Logo of the conference Logo of the conference
©EU, 2012
Jun 20 2012

This first World forum on "Fuel, food & the environment: the bioenergy challenge" took place in Milan on 18 June, in the context of the 20th European Biomass Conference. The event was a JRC initiative in collaboration with Regione Lombardia and the Italian ministry for the environment. It gathered a panel of high level speakers, representatives of the Commission's Directorates-General for Energy and Climate action, World Bank, United Nations and the EU's chief scientific advisor. They debated on how to balance the use of land for food and biofuel taking into consideration science, finance, politics, food, energy security and social issues.