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Mar 09 2015

Science and knowledge provide opportunities and tools to create the Europe of tomorrow, a future based on quality of life and sustainable environment. Europe is ready to start a process of change which will not be based on the choices of elites but on those of citizens who have the opportunity both to participate in the creation of their future and to be protagonists of the transition towards a society based on science and knowledge.

Jul 18 2011

On Monday 11 July 2011, the fourth 'Measurement Science in Chemistry' International Summer School started in Poznań, Poland. In this edition, 43 students from thirteen countries participated from Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, France, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Uganda and Ukraine.

Apr 01 2014
JRC published a paper that criticises the Ecological Footprint in the prestigious journal Ecological Indicators.
The main conclusions of JRC study are that:
  • The EF is inconsistent with its stated purpose of measuring demand on ecosystems.
  • The EF depends mostly from a dimensionally flawed energy emissions assessment.
  • The EF is optimistic at the global scale and policy-misleading at the local one.
  • One cannot accept EF’s flaws on the ground that the EF has
photos of the patient before and after applying the new treatment The carrier molecule coupled with alpha particle (Bi-213-DOTATOC) led to shrinkage of primary tumours as well as liver and bone metastases (bottom image)
©EU, 2012
Jun 12 2012

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is the reason why the image shown has been awarded the title of "image of the year" by the Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM). It comes from a study led by the Joint Research Centre´s (JRC) Institute for Transuranium Elements (ITU) and conducted in collaboration with University Hospital Heidelberg

JRC team leading a solar measurement campaign JRC team leading a solar measurement campaign
©EU, 2016
Jun 14 2016

In its role as photovoltaic reference laboratory, the JRC's European Solar Test Installation (ESTI) has developed significant knowledge in the measurement determination and traceability of solar spectral measurements which can be exploited by many other institutes in Europe.

As part of its role to disseminate and manage knowledge, ESTI, since 2011, has coordinated and provided the scientific guidance to a European inter-laboratory group to develop and expand the knowledge base of fundamental solar measurements.


photo of the event banner The European Union has acquired a large know-how in the decommissioning field
©EU, 2012
Sep 12 2012

In the framework of the European Forum for Science and Industry, the JRC has organised on 11 September 2012 a roundtable discussion on "Scientific support for nuclear decommissioning".

Sampling of feed additives for the detection of nanoparticles. Sampling of feed additives for the detection of nanoparticles.
Nov 14 2014

Today the JRC-managed European Reference Laboratory for Feed Additives (EURL-FA) marks 10 years of scientific and technical support to the EU legislation on feed additives, which ensures they are safe for use and traceable in the feed chain.

The JRC-hosted EURL-FA went in operation in November 2004. Its main task is to support the authorisation procedure of feed additives that are used in the European Union. It also provides quality assurance for the analysis of feed additives through the organisation of proficiency tests (PTs).

Border Monitoring Working Group (BMWG) Members at the 10 Year celebration in Brussels Border Monitoring Working Group (BMWG) Members at the 10 Year celebration in Brussels
Jan 14 2016

The Border Monitoring Working Group (BMWG - JRC-IAEA-USA Nuclear Security Collaboration) celebrated its 10 years anniversary on the 2nd-3rd of December in Brussels hosted by the European Commission Joint Research Centre.

Members group picture Members of the JRC Board of Governors and the European Parliament-JRC Interface Working Group
©EU, 2013
Jun 20 2013

The JRC Board of Governors meets today and tomorrow in Brussels for the 100th time. The role of these high-level representatives from 40 different countries (EU Member States and FP7 associated countries) is to assist and advise the JRC Director-General and the Commission on matters relating to the strategic role of the JRC and its scientific, technical and financial management. As national representatives of their countries, they shall also ensure the appropriate interface with their national authorities.

Two scientists working in a JRC lab GMO detection in the JRC biotechnology laboratory
©EU, 2011
Dec 04 2012

From 3 to 5 December, the European Network of GMO Laboratories (ENGL) meets at the JRC Ispra site to discuss emerging issues related to GMO analysis but also celebrate its official 10th Anniversary.