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Jul 28 2017
New Smart Tachograph security specifications have been prepared by the JRC for better enforcement of driving and resting times of heavy vehicle drivers to maximise road safety.
Jul 27 2017
The area of soils covered with trees and artificial surfaces is increasing in Europe, while arable land areas are declining. Sparsely vegetated areas are the most vulnerable to soil loss.
Jul 26 2017
A new Bioeconomy Knowledge Centre has been created by the JRC and DG RTD to better support policy makers with science-based evidence in this field.
Jul 24 2017
North Korea’s crop production has been severely damaged by prolonged dry weather, and food insecurity is expected to worsen, concludes a joint FAO-JRC report.
Jul 19 2017
Photovoltaic capacity is steadily expanding with potential for further growth in all EU countries, a JRC report shows
Jul 13 2017
The JRC is opening its scientific laboratories and facilities to scientists and researchers from the private and public sectors.
Jul 12 2017
The first ever Baseline Distribution of Invasive Alien Species of Union concern has been published by the JRC.
Jul 10 2017
A new state-of-the-art laboratory has been built to host the station which has been measuring air pollution for over thirty years.
Jul 06 2017
Today, the European Commission released the first ever edition of the ‘Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor’. This new tool developed by the JRC provides comparable data on how European cities perform.
Jul 05 2017
The first ever global erosivity map gives new insights into the geography of the rain's impact on soil erosion.