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Cheese blocks on shelves The JRC economic study gives information on potential effects of future trade agreements, among others significant gains are anticipated for the EU dairy and pig meat sectors.
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Nov 15 2016
Economic study gives valuable information on potential effects of future trade agreements and validates current EU approach of systematically protecting sensitive sectors.
A port city in the forground with the dea in the background The Covenant initiative is one of the few worldwide that has already moved beyond pledges and can present concrete results.
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Nov 15 2016
First implementation reports of a number of municipalities across the EU and beyond show an overall achieved greenhouse gas emissions reduction of 23% compared to baseline levels.
EURL ECVAM Status Report 2016
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Nov 14 2016

The Status Report 2016 published by the Joint Research Centre's EURL ECVAM (the European Union Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing) provides an update on the development, validation, dissemination and regulatory acceptance of alternative approaches, building on the last status report published in September 2015.

New International Standard for the quality of reference materials New International Standard for the quality of reference materials
©EC, 2016
Nov 14 2016
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has published ISO 17034:2016 laying down the minimum competences for Reference Material Producers. The JRC played a major in transforming the existing guidance ISO Guide 34:2009 into an International Standard, which is at the same time satisfying the European accreditation Regulation (EC) No 765/2008.
The JRC Nanomaterials Repository: worldwide supplier of benchmarking nanomaterials The JRC Nanomaterials Repository: worldwide supplier of benchmarking nanomaterials
Nov 11 2016
JRC hosts a Nanomaterials Repository providing benchmark materials used worldwide by (regulatory) scientists for development of standardised tests for safety assessment of nanomaterials.
OECD publishes two Guidance Documents on integrated non-animal approaches to chemical safety assessment
Nov 10 2016

02 11 2016 – Multinational bodies, Hazard assessment

Sunlight breaking through trees with a globe A year after the Paris climate agreement, the focus is on implementation.
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Nov 09 2016
Discussions are focusing on articulating the systems whereby the landmark global agreement adopted in Paris last December will be implemented from 2021, and on keeping up ambitious climate action in the meanwhile ('pre-2020 action').
Nov 09 2016
The contemporary information age presents significant challenges to consumers, businesses and public authorities alike. While it is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to identify reliable sources of information, authorities and companies have the task of filtering out the information relevant to food safety from the daily flood of information. Both aspects were discussed by the 200 participants of the symposium "Prevention through Information" on 27 and 28 October in Berlin. The event was organised by the German Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) together with the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC).
In Vitro Cell Transformation Assay (CTA)
©EU, 2016
Nov 09 2016
JRC scientists, in collaboration with University Milano Bicocca, Istituto Cantonale di Patologia in Locarno, and Department of Statistics and Computer Science, University of Florence, exploited the comprehension of the mechanisms underlying cell transformation using the In Vitro Cell Transformation Assay. The results recognised EGFR pathway as a starting point to identify the biochemical alterations underlying the morphological changes exploited in foci recognition and classification.
Photograph of the conference room at the European Parliament with the opening sesssion panellists seated at the front. Over 150 participants joined the second edition of Science meets Parliaments.
©EU, 2016
Nov 08 2016
In the second edition of 'Science meets Parliaments', European, national and regional policy-makers met scientists from across Europe to discuss closer collaboration in the interest of better policy making based on scientific evidence.