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Sep 22 2017
The JRC analyses the impacts of automated and connected vehicles, exploring scenarios in order to see how the full potential of these new technologies could be exploited.
Sep 21 2017
A new tool developed by the JRC will help emergency authorities prevent the worst impacts of floods, by calculating flood hazard and risk dynamically and displaying the potential consequences in near real-time.
Sep 19 2017
The European Commission has launched an online tool to help analyse the effectiveness of transport innovation in delivering the EU’s energy and transport strategy
Sep 15 2017
Using a model developed at the JRC, scientists have successfully simulated the Black Sea’s long term currents, salt water content and temperature for the first time.
Sep 14 2017

New standards on resources and emissions will help national authorities across the EU to lower the environmental impact of around 3 500 large combustion plants.

Sep 04 2017
Web users worldwide can now view weather and crop conditions in near real-time across the whole of the EU, thanks to the JRC MARS Explorer.
Aug 24 2017
European car drivers switch to electric vehicles when it financially makes sense to them, concludes a recent study on fiscal incentives and electric vehicles sales by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC).
Aug 10 2017
A new JRC report provides support and becomes a tool for decision-making to assist Burkina Faso in transforming its energy sector.
Aug 08 2017
Heatwaves amplified by high humidity can reach above 40°C and may occur as often as every two years, leading to serious risks for human health. If global temperatures rise by 4°C, a new super heatwave of 55°C may regularly impact many parts of the world, including Europe.
Aug 05 2017

Weather-related disasters could affect around two-thirds of the European population annually by the end of this century. This could result in a 50-fold increase in fatalities compared to today if no measures are taken, according to a new study by the Joint Research Centre – the science and knowledge service of the European Commission.