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The JRC is investigating recent progress in considering combined exposures to multiple chemicals to help translate best science into best assessment practice.
©European Union, 2018
Jun 28 2018
The JRC is investigating recent progress in considering combined exposures to multiple chemicals to help translate best science into best assessment practice.
Physical services are among the main jobs delivered via the digital employment platforms
Jun 27 2018

One in every 10 adults (16-74 years) in several EU countries has used online platforms at least once to provide labour services.

While for the majority it remains only a sporadic source of secondary income, 2% of the adult population works more than 20 hours a week or earns at least half of their income via online labour platforms.

In several EU member states, the blue economy has grown faster than the national economy in the last decade.
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Jun 27 2018
The EU's economic activities related to oceans, seas and coastal areas are growing steadily, according to the EU’s first annual report on the blue economy.
On 26 June 2018, Vladimír Šucha, JRC Director General, and Bernhard Url, Executive Director of EFSA, renewed the collaboration agreement between the two institutions
©European Union, 2018
Jun 26 2018
JRC and the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA), renewed their collaboration agreement to continue cooperation in the fields of food and feed safety, animal health and welfare, plant health and nutrition.
Big data has the potential to give policymakers a real-time impression of global migration and mobility
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Jun 25 2018
Launch of the Big Data for Migration alliance (BD4M), a global initiative to unlock the potential of big data sources and provide valuable insights related to migration.
Cultural routes are among the interactive maps in the new JRC Story Maps tool
©EU, 2018
Jun 22 2018

On 22 June 2018, on the occasion of the first ever European Cultural Heritage Summit, the European Commission has released a set of interactive maps which will help to raise awareness of cultural heritage in Europe.

The Story Maps, developed by the JRC, inform in an easily accessible way about several initiatives across Europe linked to cultural heritage.

JRC's World Atlas of Desertification shows land degradation at a global level and highlights the urgency to adopt corrective measures.
©European Union, 2018
Jun 21 2018
A new edition of the World Atlas of Desertification; a tool for decision makers to improve local responses to soil loss and land degradation.
Spotify has a powerful role in influencing users' listening choices by deciding what to include on some of its most popular playlists
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Jun 19 2018
Artists lucky enough to find their song on Spotify’s most popular playlists could see could see considerable increases in streams and revenue.
LuxConnect's green data center
©LuxConnect 2018
Jun 13 2018
On 12 June 2018, the annual EU Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres Award went to Luxembourg-based LuxConnect DC2.
The Annual Report looks back on a successful year for the JRC
©European Union, 2018
Jun 07 2018
As the JRC releases its Annual Report for 2017, newly-proposed Horizon Europe research and innovation funding will ensure it continues its role as the European Commission’s science and knowledge service.


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