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The JRC study on the digital transformation of news media and the rise of disinformation proposes tools for tackling disinformation online
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Apr 26 2018
The Commission proposed an EU-wide Code of Practice on Disinformation, support to an independent network of fact-checkers, and concrete tools to stimulate quality journalism.
The event explored what needs to be done to ensure that consumers are treated fairly across the EU.
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Apr 25 2018
Dual quality food: new EU harmonised testing methodology announced
Apr 23 2018

New poll shows most Europeans think life is generally fair, but have concerns over justice, political decisions and income inequality.

Roughly 30% of the world's population said they would like to move abroad, but less than 1% actually have
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Apr 17 2018
Analysis of global survey data sheds light on the motivations of people who decide to migrate
London, Paris, Berlin, Gran Canaria, Madrid, Tenerife, Rome, Prague, Vienna and Palma de Mallorca are busiest tourist destinations in European Commission
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Apr 17 2018

JRC scientists have mapped tourism hotspots in Europe for all four seasons and created an index on the estimated vulnerability of regions to shocks in the tourism sector.

With travel becoming easier and less expensive, tourism has become an important economic sector in the European Union. In 2016, the EU had an estimated 40.5% market share of global international tourist arrivals.

Vladimir Šucha, Director-General of the Joint Research Centre (left) and Philippe Mauguin, President of INRA (right) shake hands after signing the agreement
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Apr 12 2018
The JRC signs an agreement with the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) to reinforce cooperation in the fields of agriculture and climate change research.
Innovation Radar is a data-driven online tool to help match innovators with those who can help get their innovations to market
Apr 11 2018
Innovation Radar launched – a data-driven online tool to help match innovators with those who can help get their innovations to market.
The new initiative aims to understand and explain the drivers that influence policy decisions and political discourse.
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Mar 27 2018
Enlightenment 2.0 will explore the extent to which facts, values and social relations affect political behaviour and decision-making.
Global Report on Food Crises finds that in 2017 major famines were partly averted but food security remains critical
Mar 22 2018

The Global Report on Food Crises, presented on 22 March 2018 in Rome, indicates that major risks of famine were averted in 2017 in the four countries that were declared at risk in early 2017: Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and North Nigeria.

However, it also highlights the severity and the complexity of food crises around the world.

Wetlands and other natural infrastructure can perform even better than man-made alternatives for water purification and flood protection.
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Mar 22 2018
JRC research shows how important natural solutions are in managing resources effectively, securing access to clean water and reducing floods, droughts and pollution.


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