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Jan 17 2018
The JRC has measured progress and shortfalls in the connectivity of protected areas in countries across the world, identifying the main priorities to sustain or improve connectivity in each country.
Jan 16 2018
Critical raw materials are not used to their full extent as part of the circular economy and there are several improvement opportunities to reuse and recycle these materials.
Jan 12 2018
A team of researchers have mapped urban accessibility worldwide to support global and local decision-making on development and environmental policies.
Jan 10 2018
The JRC and the GSA have released guidelines to ensure that automatic 112 call devices (eCall) meet compatibility and performance requirements ahead of their compulsory installation in all new cars and vans from the end of March 2018.
Jan 05 2018
The JRC is ready to carry out the most comprehensive assessment of soil biodiversity across the continent.
Jan 04 2018
Blockchain technology can help improve old models of data management and bring benefits to learners and educational institutions in the EU - if policymakers are well prepared to embrace the change.
Jan 04 2018

Electricity is the backbone of European society. When a natural disaster hits the power grid, recovery can happen in a matter of hours or it could take months to fully restore electricity supply. As well as hampering emergency response efforts, power cuts can trigger accidents and bring economic activity to a halt.

Dec 22 2017

Corals may have unexpected allies in improving their health and resilience.

In a new study published today in Proceedings of the Royal Society, the scientists show how tiny hydrozoans, polyps smaller than one millimeter and commonly found in dense colonies on the surface of hard corals, may play a role in keeping corals safe and healthy.

Dec 21 2017

The chemical sector has a big role to play in tackling climate change and achieving EU energy targets. The wide scale use of existing and - in particular - emerging innovative energy technologies can bring big emissions savings to the sector.

Dec 20 2017
This study analyses immigrants’ employment trends in Member States to help build a knowledge base for policies designed to maximise integration in the EU’s labour markets.