JRC News

  1. 25 Mar 2013
    JRC scientists’ collaborative report shows that a more consistent measurement of prompt neutron emission spectra, which is highly relevant in nuclear safety, may be achieved when using lanthanum-bromide scintillation detector for fast neutron detection.
  2. 25 Mar 2013
    Measurement of half-life values of nuclides in the 225Ac decay series offer better precision for future applications.
  3. 22 Mar 2013
    JRC teams up with renowned institutions in the world's biggest study of food allergies to look at tools to measure allergens in food. The aim is to allow validation and monitoring of allergen management plans


  4. 22 Mar 2013
    European Commission launches public consultation on airport security equipment.
  5. 22 Mar 2013

    By measuring reference decay data for a suite of novel therapeutic nuclides (uranium -230, actinium-225, bismuth-213 and thorium-226) to be used in alpha-immunotherapy, the JRC has improved the accuracy of the doses received during cancer treatment.

  6. 21 Mar 2013
    JRC scientists have recently published a paper providing an overview of existing types of reference materials and introducing a new class of "representative test materials (RTM)".
  7. 20 Mar 2013
    JRC scientists review 40 years of achievements in hexafluoride (UF6) mass spectrometry and describe the current state-of-the-art measurement techniques.
  8. 20 Mar 2013

    JRC-ITU are pleased to announce that fellow researchers Luca Capriotti and Andrea Quaini have been recognised with an award for their joint master thesis "High temperature behaviour of nuclear materials investigated by laser heating and fast pyrometry".


    The Fondazione Don Bartolomeo Grazioli Martire di Belfiore master thesis award for the physical sciences was issued from the Lombardy Institute, Academy of Sciences & Literature Milano, Italy as part of its annual science awards for 2012/2013.


  9. 18 Mar 2013

    In February 2013 two JRC certified reference materials have been listed as higher-order reference materials in the database of the Joint Committee for Traceability in Laboratory Medicine.

  10. 18 Mar 2013

    The JRC's biggest research site is located in Ispra (North of Italy). Every 2 years, the centre opens its doors to visitors so that they can enjoy a first-hand experience of the science that supports EU policies. On this occasion, the theme chosen is 'Science for you', in the context of the European Year of Citizens 2013.