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Scientist at work in a laboratory with test tubes The report observes that JRC has evolved in parallel with the growth and needs of the EU, from its nuclear mission of more than 50 years ago to a broad policy-support mission of today.
©EU, 2015
Oct 18 2015

Setting up a long-term strategy beyond existing EU policies, addressing governance of its expanding function and stepping up interaction with the scientific community across the EU are the main recommendations, stemming from an independent panel of experts' evaluation.

Graphic design of the event Recommendations were presented at the international conference on food and nutrition security, taking place at EXPO 2015.
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Oct 15 2015

On 15 October, the European Commission welcomed new recommendations on how European research and innovation can help improve food and nutrition security around the world.

Hand held Digital measuring device The JRC provides reliable scientific and technical support to standardisation policy and legislation.
Oct 14 2015

The World Standards Day, celebrated internationally on 14 October, was designed to raise awareness on the importance of standardisation to the global economy.

Group of African women in Niger Cash-for-Work site in Safo, department of Madarounfa (Niger). The scheme, increasingly common in food insecure or disaster-affected areas, offers temporary employment in public projects to the most vulnerable segments of a population.
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Oct 13 2015

The International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR) is observed on 13 October every year to encourage communities and governments to take part in building more disaster-resilient societies.

Electricity pylons Many African countries have low access to electricity and reduced electricity consumption per capita.
Oct 12 2015

Estimated electricity production from the total waste generated in Africa could reach 122.2 TWh in 2025, or more than 20% of the electricity consumed in 2010 at continental level (661.5TWh).

Fruit and vegetables Vegetables, fruit and cereal products generally need much less energy than refined food and products of animal origin
Oct 08 2015

A report analysing the use of energy in the EU food industry finds that the share of renewable remains relatively small (7%) when compared to its part in the overall energy mix (15%).

Digital image of a padlock Users allow websites to collect personal information without really knowing or understanding the conditions.
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Oct 07 2015

JRC scientists have found that web design, and the information shown on the screen, does influence how and whether a user discloses personal data.

CONCORDi's conferences aim at bridging science and policy-making. CONCORDi's conferences aim at bridging science and policy-making.
©EU, 2015
Oct 02 2015

CONCORDi 2015, JRC's biennial European Conference on Corporate R&D and Innovation, has put its focus on identifying sound evidence-based approaches to inform industrial research and innovation policies.

The main features are tactile sensing, versatile & user-friendly robotic arms, comfortable & ergonomic surgeon console, and eye-tracking. The main features are tactile sensing, versatile & user-friendly robotic arms, comfortable & ergonomic surgeon console, and eye-tracking.
©EU, 2015
Oct 02 2015

A JRC invention initially stemming from its research in the nuclear sector will soon be used by hospitals for minimally-invasive robotic surgery.

Panel of speakers at the opening session of the Building a resilient Europe in a globalised world conference. Over 400 experts, stakeholders, policy makers, scientists and academia discussed the concept of resilience at the JRC/EPSC conference
©EU, 2015
Sep 30 2015

The European Commission launched the Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre; a new in-house centre to help EU Member States respond to emergencies, prevent and reduce the impact of disasters.