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Jan 22 2016

A 2°C rise in global temperature is still expected to lead to a significant increase in floods and droughts in many regions of Europe, particularly in southern Europe, Ireland and the UK.

Jan 18 2016

An evaluation carried out by the European Commission of the impact of ten pieces of the most relevant EU legislation on petroleum refining shows that the legislation has delivered its objectives and that the costs can be considered proportionate relative to the benefits achieved.

Jan 14 2016

Thanks to tracking data of fishing vessels, it is possible to derive information about the fishing habits of coastal communities and to know, for example, which are the areas where they fish more frequently. This information is crucial to tailor policy and management strategies to boost blue growth.

Jan 08 2016

Electrification of road transport can reduce oil dependency, CO₂ emissions and urban air pollution. To date, most attention has been paid to the use of electric cars; however bicycles and motorcycles can represent an untapped potential in urban areas if deployed on a larger scale. A JRC co-authored article written in cooperation with the Utrecht University and the University of Geneva has evaluated the environmental, economic and social performance of electric bikes and motorcycles.

Jan 06 2016

The JRC and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) have now concluded a comprehensive agreement to further scientific and technical exchange and increase the knowledge and capabilities of the JRC and the USGS in the field of earth sciences.

Dec 30 2015

According to a new JRC study, 23 out of the 28 EU countries have implemented the European Technical Standards (Eurocodes) for buildings and other civil engineering works.

Dec 28 2015

A JRC report analysed driving patterns of both conventional and electric vehicles in the EU. Findings show that most of them (more than 80%) drive less than 65 km per day, which could be covered by a single charge.

Dec 21 2015

Targeted alpha therapy has the potential to selectively eliminate HIV infected cells from the central nervous system, according to a recent study co-authored by the JRC.

Dec 18 2015

A new report explores the rail sector’s vulnerability and the potential impacts, in particular through interdependencies with other infrastructures.

Dec 11 2015

Additional efforts to further enhance the EU's extensive know-how and attract more young people to studies and training in nuclear related disciplines are needed for nuclear decommissioning.