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Mar 14 2016

Research data produced by the JRC or in cooperation with other partners is now publicly available, in support of the European Commission’s strategy on Open Science for improved circulation of knowledge and thus innovation for generating growth.

Mar 11 2016

Governmental nuclear security experts, front line officers and technical support organisations took part in a nuclear security simulation exercise organised in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Mar 10 2016

Counter Nuclear Smuggling Workshop 2016 - a high-level workshop co-hosted by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) and the United States Department of State in the run-up to the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit.

Mar 09 2016

According to analysis of the building renovation strategies submitted by EU Member States, 74% of the national strategies address the requirements of the Energy Efficiency Directive satisfactorily and 10 are considered exemplary.

Mar 08 2016

A JRC-initiated system estimating postharvest cereal losses in sub-Saharan Africa will be upgraded to allow for monitoring of other crops and improve postharvest management.

Mar 03 2016

Adopting innovative technological solutions – currently in early research phase – instead of following a conservative technology development path could slash the direct greenhouse gasses (GHG) emissions of aluminium production by 66% and reduce the associated energy consumption by 21%.

Feb 29 2016

Despite high expectations and extensive research and investment in the last decade, technological options are still in developing stages and key resources for algal growth are still too onerous for economically viable production of algal biofuels.

Feb 26 2016

The key orientations of the JRC work programme reflect the 10 priorities set by the Commission’s agenda for jobs, growth, fairness and democratic change.

Feb 25 2016

By 2030, more energy will be saved than the amount of energy consumed deriving from oil, thus energy savings can be considered as "an energy source in its own right".

Feb 23 2016

A JRC study shows that there are no systemic barriers to using the euro in international trade. However, for historic reasons some sectors, such as oil or aviation, traditionally invoice in US dollars.