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Apr 08 2016

On 6 April the Commission adopted a legislative package on Smart Borders, including a Communication on Stronger and Smarter Information Systems for Borders and Security.

Apr 07 2016

The focus of World Health Day on April 7 is diabetes, a disease which affects about 32 million people in the EU. The JRC supports the efforts to combat diabetes through its nutrition and health related activities, with special focus on children and adolescents. JRC scientists have recently developed a new reference material for the monitoring of diabetes markers in blood.

Apr 05 2016

This beta platform is conceived to fill the gap opened by scattered data and fragmented knowledge resulting from a rapidly growing energy efficiency market. It is expected to be both a one-stop shop for information retrieval and a meeting point for experts to exchange data and reduce redundant activities.


Apr 01 2016

The European Union and the United States of America, in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), share the international responsibility to develop and promote systems and measures for the prevention of, detection of, and response to nuclear and other radioactive materials out of regulatory control.

Mar 30 2016

According to the findings, the North and Baltic Sea coasts show the largest increases in storm surges, especially towards the east. In contrast, southern European coasts can expect minimal change.

Mar 30 2016

Initiated by the European Union and the United States of America, the ITRAP+10 test campaign evaluated the performance of commercially available radiation detection equipment against consensus standards.

Mar 29 2016

A lack of standards for testing polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells – the most attractive type of fuel cells for powering vehicles – has hampered objective comparative assessment of their performance and durability under operating conditions and hence of their technological progress. By proposing a test methodology including a set of representative operating conditions and getting European industry and research stakeholders to agree on it, the JRC has helped fill the gap.

Mar 21 2016

The JRC celebrates the International Day of Forests by launching the first ever European Atlas of Forest Tree Species. A result of the collaborative efforts of leading scientists and forestry professionals, this publication provides information on the different species that can be found in European forests and the factors that threaten them, such as the changes caused by climate change.

Mar 18 2016

The European Commission adopted common classification of serious and very serious infringements of the European road transport rules, such as improper use of tachographs.

Mar 17 2016

Adaptation measures include the rise of flood protections, reduction of the peak flows through water retention, reduction of vulnerability and relocation to safer areas.