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Two young children using a pipette to fill test tubes Over 7 000 vistors saw the science behind EU policy at this year's open day.
©EU, 2016
May 30 2016

This year's open day was celebrated in parallel with the Commission open day in Brussels, where thousands also visited the JRC stand.

From concept to reality: novel surface water reference materials used in two laboratory intercomparisons
May 27 2016

Scientists from 11 research organisations – including the JRC -  have demonstrated the quality and applicability of whole water reference materials for the determination of organic contaminants in natural waters. This work is supporting the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive.

Person using a tablet with a picture of a shopping trolley on it Removing geo-blocking restrictions would allow consumers to buy online independently of their respective locations.
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May 25 2016

The European Commission has presented a three-pronged plan to boost e-commerce by tackling geo-blocking, making cross-border parcel delivery more affordable and efficient and promoting customer trust through better protection and enforcement.

World Humanitarian Summit logo The UN convenes the summit in response to an unprecedented increase of people affected by conflict and natural disaster.
©United Nations
May 23 2016

The EU’s commitments to address the greatest humanitarian crises of our time will be supported by a series of Commission tools and platforms, some of which were developed by the JRC or in cooperation with partner organisations.

A black centipede with yellow legs Soil biodiversity reflects the mix of living organisms in the soil.
©Marshall Hedin
May 23 2016

This unique atlas pays tribute to soil – the silent engine that keeps the planet alive – by providing a detailed analysis of soil organisms and the threats to soil biodiversity at a global scale.

The landscape in many parts of Europe is coloured by flowering fields of oilseed rape.
©Fotolia, author: JoannaTkaczuk
May 23 2016

The latest JRC MARS Crop monitoring in Europe Bulletin, published today, reports that the current prospects for EU-28 yields are generally above the five-year average, despite a cold spell at the end of April.

The forecast for total cereals has increased compared to the last Bulletin, reflecting the generally fair growth conditions. There were some delays to the sowing of summer crop due to cold and wet periods, except south-eastern Europe.

A dam, with it's resevoir behind and the snow-capped alps in the background As European glaciers dwindle, dams could replace them.
©Martin Funk
May 20 2016

Future summer water shortages, expected as a consequence of ongoing glacier retreat could be substantially mitigated by water management in reservoirs.

Cows next to a groundwater lake in an African landscape The JRC contribution was framed in the Memorandum of Understanding between EU, represented by the Delegation to Ethiopia, and UNICEF signed in February 2016.
©Fotolia, Shaun Colin Bell
May 20 2016

Satellite images of the worst affected districts, due to El Niño-induced drought, are being used to locate deep water and organise drilling of wells.

Citizen Science Citizen Science
May 19 2016

A survey by the EU’s Joint Research Centre gives insights into citizen science projects and how they manage data. It recommends steps to boost their input to institutional research and policy-making.


A roundtable meeting room with participants sitting at the table On 19 May 2016 the JRC launched a Competence Centre on Microeconomic Evaluation.
©EU, 2016
May 19 2016

This centre will be a network bringing together relevant policy and scientific expertise from across the Commission, and external experts from around the world, to perform impact evaluations.