JRC News

  1. 19 May 2016

    A survey by the EU’s Joint Research Centre gives insights into citizen science projects and how they manage data. It recommends steps to boost their input to institutional research and policy-making.


  2. 18 May 2016

    FiveVB is a consortium founded by the European Green Vehicle Initiative (EGVI) within Horizon 2020 program. The JRC plays an active role in the characterization of the newly developed 5 V battery technology. The batteries, manufactured by the consortium are characterized in the experimental facility of Battery Testing for Safe Electrification of Transport (BESTEST) in Petten by using cycling and post mortem analysis. 

  3. 18 May 2016

    A team of scientists from five European universities and the JRC have shown that a conversion of particle size data (obtained by analysing a particular sample of nanoparticles with different methods) to a 'mass equivalent diameter' can improve the consistency and comparability of such data.

  4. 17 May 2016

    In a recently published technical report that assesses coastal and marine eutrophication based on data from ecosystem modelling, JRC scientists find increasing eutrophication problems that will require further nutrient reduction measures.


    The Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) aims to achieve Good Environmental Status (GES) of the EU's marine waters by 2020, and to protect marine resources (upon which many economic and social activities depend).

  5. 17 May 2016

    EURL ECVAM releases its report on extrapolation approaches to avoid chronic fish toxicity testing on the basis of existing aquatic toxicity data.

  6. 11 May 2016

    JRC scientists organised a proficiency test for the determination of 12 trace elements in seawater for 46 laboratories from 26 different countries. The results showed that analysis of low concentration levels of the trace elements combined with the high saline content of seawater is challenging for a significant number of laboratories.

  7. 4 May 2016

    The new website, which was built using cutting-edge technology, allows for a more efficient flow of data and information.

  8. 4 May 2016

    European experts in alternative approaches to animal testing promote current and future collaborations with partners in Brazil.

  9. 29 Apr 2016

    A recently published JRC paper examines the conceptual, biophysical and economic interpretations of the role of nursery habitats in the ecosystem services literature. It concludes that the nursery function should be considered as an ecosystem service in its own right when linked to concrete human benefits, not when it represents general biodiversity or ecosystem condition. This distinction is the only way for science to quantify the link between biodiversity and ecosystem services, and for policy to be effective in halting biodiversity loss.

  10. 27 Apr 2016

    North Korea’s total food production – including cereals, soybeans and potatoes in cereal equivalent – is estimated to have fallen in 2015, and is expected to worsen food security in the country, according to an update issued by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).