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Jul 06 2007

The paper authored by Evangelos Tzimas, Aliki Georgakaki and Stathis Peteves from the Energy Systems Evaluation Unit at the JRC's Institute for Energy entitled "The evolution of the European Fossil Fuel Power Generation Sector and its Impact on the Sustainability of the Energy System" received the Best Paper Award in the thematic area ‘The European Market’ during the PowerGen Europe 2007 Conference.

JRC Enlargement and Integration Actions 2004
Jul 06 2007

After organising with the OECD last April the Rome workshop "Is happiness measurable and what do those measures mean for policy?", the JRC now contributed to the 2nd World Forum on "Statistics, Knowledge and Policy" entitled 'Measuring and Fostering the Progress of Societies' last week in Istanbul. This event was organised by the OECD, in co-operation with the European Commission, the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, the United Nations and the World Bank.

Jul 06 2007

The Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education is organising today a conference on co-operation between the JRC and Polish research institutions. The event, which takes place at Wroclaw University of Technology, aims to inform the JRC management and Board of Governors of current trends in Poland's R&D policy and scientific activities in the Wroclaw area and present JRC activities to current and potential Polish partner organisations. It has been opened by the Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education (Prof. MichaelB SeweryDski), the Mayor of Wroclaw (Mr RafaB Dutkiewicz) and Prof. Jerzy Buzek, MEP and former Prime Minister of Poland.

Jul 04 2007

On 29 June the European Commission published the Green Paper "Adapting to climate change in Europe - options for EU action", which sets out options for EU action to help the process of adaptation to climate change across Europe. The Green Paper and its annex include early results of the JRC PESETA study on the possible impacts of climate change in Europe over the 21st century. In particular, it presents maps based on projections of climate conditions in Europe in the 2080s and of the possible physical impacts in the following key sectors: agriculture, human health, tourism, river discharge, and coastal areas.

Jun 28 2007

The Annual reports 2006 from the Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements, the Institute for Transuranium Elements and the Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen are now available.

Jun 22 2007

STOA, the European Parliament's own resource for scientific advice in all policy fields, celebrated its 20th anniversary with the "STOA Experience" exhibition in Strasbourg this week.

Jun 20 2007

The JRC's Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) has contributed to the Commission’s new European Action Plan for "Ageing Well in the Information Society", adopted last 14 June 2007. The plan is accompanied by a new European research programme which will invest over 1 billion EUR in research into information and communication technologies helping older Europeans to stay active for longer and live independently. JRC-IPTS' foresight activities in the fields of ICT for Independent Living and older users' needs, eHealth and eInclusion have been a very valuable input to this Action Plan.

Jun 15 2007

The European Commission has today released IUCLID 5 as part of its preparation for REACH and the new European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). It is a key software application essential for chemical industry to comply with the new legislation, which entered into force on 1 June 2007. The freely downloadable tool will assist chemical companies globally in fulfilling their obligation to submit data to the Agency under the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) legislation from 1 June 2008.

Jun 15 2007

Linking in with the festivities for the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, Green Week 2007 looks back at 50 years of European environmental policy and looks at the future.

Jun 14 2007

The consultation period on last year's Maritime Policy Green Paper comes to an end on 30th June. Marine and maritime science is contributing in many ways to maritime policy. The JRC's activities in this field include the development of systems for tracking vessels and monitoring fishing, including the use of space technology, and research on the quality of coastal and sea waters as well as the effects of climate change on marine habitats.


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