JRC News

  1. 24 Apr 2012

    The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic has joined today the JRC initiative to provide scientific support to the Danube strategy. The President of this Academy, JiYí Drahoš, and the JRC Director General, Dominique Ristori, signed the agreement in the context of a high-level conference organised in Brussels.

  2. 19 Apr 2012

    This Annual Report offers an insight into activities and achievements related to the JRC's work carried out during 2011. With new look and more concise content, the report aims to make JRC results more accessible.

  3. 18 Apr 2012

    19 organisations from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom are this year's winners of the energy efficiency awards for buildings and lighting (GreenBuilding and GreenLight), managed by the Joint Research Centre, the European Commission's in-house science service.

  4. 17 Apr 2012

    The European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn visits today the Joint Research Centre's (JRC) Institute for Transuranium Elements, located in Karlsruhe.

  5. 4 Apr 2012

    A joint study by the JRC and University College Cork (Ireland) has led to a new methodology to assess the European potential for pumped hydropower, a type of electricity storage.

  6. 4 Apr 2012

    JRC-IRMM has certified ERM-CC141 Loam Soil for the mass fraction of total and aqua regia extractable Hg. This matrix certified reference material was released in August 2010, but the stringent quality system employed at IRMM did not allow for the assignment of the certified value for Hg to a satisfactory standard.

  7. 4 Apr 2012

    We would like to announce the forthcoming NUSIMEP-8 interlaboratory comparison: “Uranium and plutonium isotope amount ratios in low-level synthetic nitrate solution” and invite laboratories to participate.

  8. 4 Apr 2012

    We would like to announce the forthcoming REIMEP-17 interlaboratory comparison: "Plutonium and uranium amount content, and isotope amount ratios in synthetic input solution” and invite laboratories to participate.

  9. 2 Apr 2012

    Two implementing decisions on the best available techniques (BAT) conclusions on industrial emissions from iron and steel production and glass manufacture have been adopted by the Commission and the full BAT reference documents have been published.

  10. 22 Mar 2012

    22 March marks the annual celebration of International World Water Day. Action is needed to balance the difficult water supply and demand equation, handle water stress or water scarcity in times of changing climate and sustain our water ecosystems. The European Commission supports research to help to manage our water resources sustainably and achieve the shift towards an internationally competitive, water-efficient economy in Europe.