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Prof. Krzysztof Maruszewski Prof. Krzysztof Maruszewski
Nov 03 2009

On 1 November 2009, Prof. Krzysztof Maruszewski took up the position of Director of the JRC's Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM). He succeeds Dr. Alejandro Herrero, who after seven years as Director of JRC-IRMM has retired from the services of the European Commission.

Nov 03 2009

Hendrik Emons, Head of JRC-IRMM's Reference Materials Unit, received the Reference Material Achievement Award from AOAC INTERNATIONAL.

Nov 26 2009

JRC-IRMM has released Application Note 6 on the correct use of ERM certificates and materials.

Nov 27 2009

The Fifth VERMI Young Researchers Workshop on the Standardisation of Radionuclides took place in Ankara, Turkey 1-6 November. This workshop was the first in a series of many training events to be carried out during the three-year project.

Dec 04 2009

A method developed by the JRC's Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements to measure vegetable fats in milk chocolate has become the first such method to be adopted as an international standard by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). It has been developed to enable the enforcement of the so-called Chocolate Directive, which stipulates that European chocolate must not contain more than 5% vegetable fats, other than cocoa butter.

Dec 07 2009

The specialised accelerator facilities at JRC-IRMM for neutron data measurements can be accessed by international researchers through the EUFRAT project. The project's Programme Advisory Committee met on 13 November 2009 and approved ten new experiments allocating 1100 beam hours at GELINA and 424 hours at the Van de Graaff accelerator.

Dec 18 2009

Two new sets of GMO matrix reference materials have been released by the JRC-IRMM

Jan 08 2010

The JRC's Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM) - the largest matrix reference materials producer in Europe and one of the largest producers worldwide - has announced a new and expanded network of authorised distributors.

Feb 02 2010

The symposium aims at mapping out the current and upcoming measurement and testing needs for which challenging demands on reference materials are envisaged. Forward-looking contributions are invited on the scientific and technological demands and developments for the design, preparation and certification of such measurement standards. For more information, click here.

Feb 03 2010

A team from IRMM has won a JRC Excellence Award 2009 for policy support, in recognition of their work on the safe use of animal by-products in animal nutrition.