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Oct 30 2013

Today, the JRC is releasing a reference material facilitating the implementation of the new Commission regulation (EU No 56/2013) that re-authorised the use of processed animal proteins (PAPs) derived from non-ruminant farmed animals (i.e. mainly from pigs and poultry) in fish feed earlier this year.

Different natural hazards impact the grid in different ways
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Jan 04 2018

Electricity is the backbone of European society. When a natural disaster hits the power grid, recovery can happen in a matter of hours or it could take months to fully restore electricity supply. As well as hampering emergency response efforts, power cuts can trigger accidents and bring economic activity to a halt.

The report analyses the potential impact of different policy approaches to a future CAP
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Dec 18 2017

A positive future for food and farming with a strong EU agri-food sector also depends on an effective Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Jul 01 2013

The third in the JRC's series of thematic reports has been published. Entitled 'Science for Energy', this new publication gives an insight into the research carried out by the JRC in the areas of energy efficiency, security of energy supply, renewable energy, nuclear energy , energy technology innovation and hydrogen technologies.

Science plays an important role in informing European policies to meet the sustainability challenge.
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Feb 04 2016

Science plays an important role in informing European policies to meet the sustainability challenge and is also becoming increasingly relevant for better regulation, implementation and monitoring of EU policies.

Feb 13 2014

JRC-organised symposia focusing on scientific support to fields as diverse as global trade, fisheries, soil, behavioural economics and cybersecurity feature in the rich programme of the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). This year's edition kicks off on 13 February and will run for 5 days in Chicago (USA).

May 22 2013

This new JRC report, entitled 'Science for Standards: a driver for innovation', gives an insight into how standards act as a cornerstone for a wide range of topics in areas as diverse as health and consumer protection, energy and transport, nuclear safety and security, and the environment. It gives a comprehensive overview of how the JRC provides scientific and technical support to EU policies in the field of standardisation.

Africa EUMETSAT, 2017
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Nov 30 2017
Over 30 years of JRC scientific collaboration with Africa have been compiled in one publication, "Science for the AU-EU Partnership - Building knowledge for sustainable development".
May 22 2012

Water, a high priority in the political agenda, is the theme chosen to launch a new series of JRC reports. The publication “Science for Water “aims to give a comprehensive overview of the JRC's work in relation to global water challenges. It was released on the occasion of the European Commission’s Green Week, the biggest annual conference on European environment policy, held on 22-25 May in Brussels. This year’s edition of the Green Week focuses on water .

New global flood risk models are used to reduce flood impacts around the world
Jul 24 2015

New computer models that estimate the social and economic impacts of flooding help to protect communities from devastating floods and to reduce the economic losses associated with them.