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Report cover The 2008 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard is now available
Oct 15 2008

The 2008 EU R&D Industrial Investment Scoreboard is now available. R&D investment by EU companies has increased by 8.8% according to the report, published today. This compares to an increase of 8.6% in investment by American companies.

August vegetables August vegetables
©Paul Grant
Oct 15 2008

The Green Paper on agricultural product quality adopted today by the European Commission aims to open a debate on how to help European farmers maximise the quality of the food and drink they produce and better respond to consumer demands. As globalisation brings about pressure from low cost products produced overseas and as consumer tastes evolve, Europe's most potent weapon is "quality".

IES intercomparison exercise for air quality reference laboratories (October 2008) IES intercomparison exercise for air quality reference laboratories (October 2008)
Oct 13 2008

The JRC's European Reference Laboratory for Air Pollution (ERLAP), part of the JRC Institute for Environment and Sustainability in Ispra, Italy, has completed an inter-laboratory comparative study (intercomparison) of air quality reference laboratories and public health institutes in Serbia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Cyprus, Italy, Luxembourg and the City of Amsterdam.

biscuits How to best trace melamine in processed foods?
Oct 10 2008

As part of the rapid response to the melamine food scandal, the JRC Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM) has set-up a website to gather information and review methods to detect melamine in food and feed products.

ITU outside view Institute for Transuranium Elements , Karlsruhe (DE)
Oct 07 2008

The JRC Institute for Transuranium Elements (ITU) has seen its Integrated Management Systems (IMS) awarded the IQNet "5 stars for excellence" certification. The award is recognition of a stringent quality control system implemented by the Institute, incorporating a unique management approach that applies Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety Standards (OHSAS) to satisfy the needs of JRC-ITU as well as those of its stakeholders.

euro coin in purse European deposit protection schemes provide an adequate safety net
Oct 02 2008

The European Commission has put forward a revision of EU rules on capital requirements for banks that is designed to reinforce the stability of the financial system, reduce risk exposure and improve supervision of banks that operate in more than one EU country. Under the new rules, banks will be restricted in lending beyond a certain limit to any one party, while national supervisory authorities will have a better overview of the activities of cross-border banking groups. The proposal, which amends the existing Capital Requirements Directives, reflects extensive consultation with international partners, Member States and industry. It now passes to the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers for consideration.

Petten site entrance signs JRC-IE, ECN and NRG: working together
Oct 01 2008

The JRC Institute for Energy (IE), situated in Petten, the Netherlands, has taken a major step forward in the co-ordination of complimentary energy research in Northern Europe. Energy research currently performed at JRC-IE, at the Dutch Energy Research Centre ECN and at the Dutch Nuclear Research & Consultancy group NRG have been boosted through the signing of a memorandum of understanding between these three leading Energy Research Institutes. Although collaboration has existed for many years in specific areas the MoU will ensure greater coordination of their research and technology development, especially with respect to the support of the European transition to low carbon and more sustainable energy technologies.

butterfly Heodes tityrus (Sooty Copper)
©Guy Padfield,
Sep 29 2008

The JRC, in collaboration with the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the World Health Organisation (WHO), has released the JRC Reference report ‘Impacts of Europe’s changing climate’, focusing on the effects of global climate change on the environment and human activities. It highlights the most vulnerable areas in Europe. The key message of the report is that all natural compartments and societal sectors are shown to be vulnerable to climate change. Observations of climate change impacts are consistent with the cascade of impacts that is expected to occur based on current scientific understanding. The impacts and their projections into the future are sufficiently serious for decision makers to take action and plan for adaptation, along with action to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Kopernikus logo The new Kopernikus logo
Sep 16 2008

The European Commission’s earth observation activities, previously known as GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) have been re-launched today by European Commission Vice-President Günter Verheugen under the name of Kopernikus. The name change was officially announced at a dedicated conference in Lille organised in conjunction with the current French presidency of the EU.