JRC News

  1. 1 Oct 2009

    The JRC has today published a report on the geological disposal of nuclear waste, offering an analysis of the scientific, technological and procedural state-of-the-art in the waste-disposal technique.

  2. 21 Sep 2009

    The JRC's Institute for Energy (IE) today publishes its eighth Annual Photovoltaics Status Report. The report notes that global production of photovoltaic (PV) solar modules and panels increased to about 7.3 gigawatts (GW) in 2008, representing an 80% increase on the previous year.

  3. 7 Jul 2009

    A new report from the JRC's Institute for Energy (IE) published today looks at the likely impact of increased reliance on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and more shipments of LNG to the European Union. The report concludes that LNG may remain an expensive energy option for the foreseeable future, with both affordability and geo-political issues expected to remain key factors in this area of the energy sector. The report is intended as just one source of information in a number of elements to be taken into consideration in the development of EU energy policy.

  4. 1 Jul 2009

    The future portfolio of European power plants needs to be consistent with the EU energy and climate change goals set for 2020. For an optimal and yet feasible choice, the JRC's Institute for Energy (IE) has examined the technology and fuel options, together with the conditions that would lead to it. The report “Future fossil fuel electricity generation in Europe”, published today, assesses the role that fossil fuel technologies will play in the future EU power system. It assumes that due to the rising electricity demand in Europe fossil fuels are likely to remain the backbone until at least 2030 and foresees a need of up to 635 GW of new fossil fuel power plant capacity.

  5. 29 Jun 2009

    The 17th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (29 June - 2 July 2009) opens today in Hamburg, Germany. Speaking at the opening of the event, conference chairman and Director of the JRC Institute for Energy (IE) Giovanni De Santi noted that the future of biofuels for transport must be underpinned by "robust science", to ensure that targets set in the EU's renewable energies legislation are met, assuring environmental, economic and social sustainability.

  6. 29 Jun 2009

    A series of "Renewable Energy Snapshots" published today by the JRC provides a timely update on the potential of wind, solar and biomass energy to contribute to the EU's binding target of 20% electricity generation from renewable energy sources by 2020. Based on updated data from the European solar and wind industry, the latest Snapshots show that the currently installed capacity of both solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind energy already greatly exceeds the 2010 targets proposed in the EU White Paper on Renewable Sources of Energy (1997). However, the JRC concludes that the ambitious 2020 targets can be achieved only if the necessary investments are made to ensure that the system is able to absorb and distribute the additional electricity.

  7. 17 Jun 2009

    The European Commission and the US Environmental Protection Agency have agreed today to make new ambitious specifications for computers, copiers and printers under the EU-US Energy Star Programme. The new criteria are effective from 1 July, and are expected to trigger 22 TWh electricity savings during the next four to six years in the EU which is comparable to the annual electricitiy consumption of Ireland. ENERGY STAR is part of the EU's strategy to better manage energy demand, contribute to security of energy supply and mitigate climate change.

  8. 10 Mar 2009

    Over the next three days (10-12 March) this international scientific congress, organised by the University of Copenhagen, gathers policy makers, government officials and academia from Europe and the rest of the world to debate the existing and emerging scientific knowledge relevant to policy making in the area of climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. The congress will provide a summary of existing scientific knowledge two years after the last IPCC report. Its findings will be supplementary to the work of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

  9. 24 Feb 2009

    A cooperation agreement between the JRC and the European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Technology Initiative (JTI), a public-private venture aimed at delivering commercially viable hydrogen energy and fuel cell technologies, has been approved by the JTI Governing Board.

  10. 12 Dec 2008

    The JRC is presenting its activities at the Renewable Energies Fair Energaïa, taking place in Montpellier, France, from 10-12 December 2008. This annual international trade fair and stakeholder conference,where up to 20,000 participants are expected, covers the field of renewable energies from policy-making and market trends to practical tips on how to install solar panels and wood pellet stoves.