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Commissioner Hogan and JRC management discuss the schema of the land databases set up by Member States to manage farmer subsidies
Jun 22 2016

Following a visit to the JRC, Commissioner for Agriculture & Rural Development, Phil Hogan, expressed confidence that increased use of satellite technology can help Member States to significantly increase the efficiency of on-the-spot checks necessary for CAP payments.

May 23 2016

The EU’s commitments to address the greatest humanitarian crises of our time will be supported by a series of Commission tools and platforms, some of which were developed by the JRC or in cooperation with partner organisations.

Graphic design of the event
Oct 15 2015

On 15 October, the European Commission welcomed new recommendations on how European research and innovation can help improve food and nutrition security around the world.

Sep 29 2011

The JRC-organised conference 'Scientific Support for Food Security and Global Governance', held on Wednesday 28 September in Brussels attracted 380 participants for a high-level discussion on the need to reconcile the necessity to increase production and competitiveness while respecting sustainable development in the framework of global governance. The conference focused on the links between food security and science, the interdependence between agriculture and environment, and the need for new global governance for improved food availability.

Sep 28 2011

The JRC has developed a statistical modelling tool to analyse the risk of conflict in developing countries. The tool – which was presented at the conference "Scientific Support for Food Security and Global Governance" on 28 September - examines the link between natural resources and the risk of conflict by combining online news reports with geographical satellite data.

Sep 27 2011

The JRC will webstream its upcoming international conference ‘Scientific Support for Food Security and Global Governance’ to make it available to a wider audience. The one day event will take place on 28 September, at the Charlemagne building of the European Commission in Brussels. It focusses on how research, technology and innovation can contribute to food for all, thus contributing to efforts to alleviate recurrent food insecurity, particularly in developing countries.

Apr 01 2011

During the workshop on the "Future of Global Food and Farming - How can Science Support Food Security? " that was held on March 30 in Brussels, representatives from various European, national and international organisations highlighted the need to increase the sustainability of the food system in order to secure the world population's access to adequate, sustainable and good quality food.

Mar 05 2009

Food insecurity is one of the greatest challenges of today with almost one billion people undernourished worldwide. This number has recently been growing due to soaring food prices. The current economic crisis and climate change prospects are among the possible aggravating factors for the years to come.