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Sep 19 2017
The European Commission has launched an online tool to help analyse the effectiveness of transport innovation in delivering the EU’s energy and transport strategy
Aug 10 2017
A new JRC report provides support and becomes a tool for decision-making to assist Burkina Faso in transforming its energy sector.
Jul 19 2017
Photovoltaic capacity is steadily expanding with potential for further growth in all EU countries, a JRC report shows
Jun 02 2017
On 2 June 2017, the JRC, represented by Director-General Vladimir Šucha, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), represented by its President, Professor Bai Chunli, signed a Research Framework Arrangement. The ceremony took place in the framework of the EU-China Summit 2017.
Mar 28 2017
The JRC Wind Energy Status Report 2016 presents key data on global market developments, technology trends and EU support to wind energy. The EU remains a global leader with 140GW wind energy capacity supplying our grid, representing about a third of world's wind power.
Mar 28 2017
Tidal stream and wave energy technologies have showed considerable technological progress in 2016, culminated with the creation of the first ocean energy farms. Both technologies are also gathering increasing support to overcome technological and financial barriers for deployment in the future European energy system.
Feb 06 2017

JRC scientists evaluated sources of air pollutants in the Danube macro-region, a necessary step for the design of action plans to improve air quality. The study showed residential heating contributed up to 35% of PM2.5 pollution in the main cities in the Danube macro-region, followed by agriculture (up to 32%), energy production and industry (up to 30%) and transport (up to 25%).

Dec 14 2016
Although it is still a global leader in photovoltaic (PV) installations, the EU’s share is down from 66% in 2012 and is declining, both in relation to a growing market worldwide and in actual installations.
Dec 01 2016
The package pursues three main goals: putting energy efficiency first, cementing the EU's global leadership in renewable energies and providing a fair deal for energy consumers.
Dec 01 2016
A study presented at the 9th SET Plan conference indicates that the EU is vulnerable to supply bottlenecks of several key materials needed in wind, photovoltaic and electric vehicles technologies.