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Jan 09 2014

The mobile version of the JRC-developed Europe Media Monitor (EMM) – available for both iOS and Android platforms and covering 75 languages – has become a great success. After its launch, it was even briefly Germany’s top-ranked free news App and ranked ninth out of hundreds of thousands of all free Apps.

Aug 31 2012

In today's globalised world, keeping aware and staying ahead on all sorts of issues from health, environment and energy to political affairs, security and the financial crisis has become a mammoth task. Breaking down language barriers means first-hand access to relevant information that helps to keep the citizen, the policy maker, governmental authorities, the private sector, industry, etc. better informed, especially on fast changing and impacting issues.

Jun 21 2012

A new software developed by JRC's language technology experts can automatically categorise parliamentary documents in 22 official EU languages according to EuroVoc, the EU's multilingual thesaurus. The software tool called JEX, "JRC EuroVoc Indexer", developed by JRC's language technology experts, can make the work of national parliaments' libraries and documentation centres easier and, in turn, facilitates citizens' access to legislation across EU borders.

Nov 29 2011

NewsGist, a language software developed by the JRC's Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen (IPSC), had the highest score among 10 participating software packages in one of the three competing categories at the international Text Analysis Conference (TAC) held on 14 and 15 November in Gaithersburg, Maryland, the US.

Sep 26 2011

Čajkovskij and Tchaikovsky: is it the same person? NATO and OTAN: are we talking about the same organisation? Many doubts will be cleared with JRC-Names, the new software for automatic name recognition developed by the JRC.

Jan 18 2008

The JRC is supporting the European Commission's efforts to foster multilingualism as a key part of European unity in diversity. With the release of the "Multilingual Translation Memory of the Acquis Communautaire", the Commission's collection of about 1 million sentences and their high quality translations in 22 official EU languages — the biggest ever collection in so many languages - now becomes freely available.