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Sep 30 2016
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has recently published the first five adverse outcome pathways (AOP), three of which have been developed by the JRC. The AOPs are novel knowledge management tools in toxicology and are useful for supporting risk assessment to human health. They are also valuable for helping to avoid animal testing through the use of alternative methods.
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Jun 03 2015

The European Commission today issued a Communication in response to the European Citizens’ Initiative Stop Vivisection.

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Apr 21 2015

Female liver cells, and in particular those in menopaused women, are more susceptible to adverse effects of drugs than their male counterparts, according to new research carried out by the JRC.

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Mar 02 2015

The JRC has validated and recommended a new method which is not based on animal testing, to identify chemicals that can trigger skin allergies, estimated to affect already 20% of the population in Europe.

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Sep 24 2014

In support of EU legislation on safety of chemicals, the JRC has published a state-of-the art review of test methods and non-testing (computational) approaches that help promote the replacement, reduction, and refinement of animal experiments - known as the 3Rs - in the safety assessment of chemicals.  The report "Alternative methods for regulatory toxicology – a state-of-the-art review" focuses on "non-standard" methods, i.e. those that are not included in current regulatory guidelines.

Jun 12 2014

The JRC has launched an online tool to identify chemicals useful for the development and validation of alternative methods to animal testing.

Nov 15 2012

A JRC team today receives the first Lush Science Prize for their pioneering work on non-animal chemical safety testing at an awards ceremony in London.

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