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Dec 30 2013

Recent data from EU Member States, such as from the National Alcohol Fraud Task Force in Poland, show that the amount of seized illicit alcohol coming from other Member States into Poland is almost zero after a procedure co-developed by the JRC for denaturing alcohol was included in a Commission Regulation to fight and prevent fraud in this area.

Dec 23 2013

The JRC recently presented the new developments of its eStation, a processing server for the environmental monitoring of land condition in Africa. The improvements are described in an article published in the Ecological Informatics journal.

Dec 20 2013

The JRC released a first version of its web platform on nanomaterials which is mainly based on links to available information.

The wide use of nanomaterials in innovative applications and new consumer products, the increasing amount of nanomaterial-related information made available through the internet, and the growing importance of legislation on nanomaterials have triggered requests to facilitate access to relevant information.

Dec 19 2013

The European Commission adopted a policy package yesterday with new measures to reduce air pollution. The clean air package updates existing legislation and further reduces harmful emissions from industry, traffic, energy plants and agriculture, with a view to lowering their impact on human health and the environment.

Dec 18 2013

Today the JRC organised a roundtable discussion on how science can provide support to energy markets, with a focus on liquidity. The event also saw the official launch of the Baltic Energy Security Research Platform, a network of Research and Development entities, led by the JRC, willing to work together on energy security projects in the Baltic region.

Dec 18 2013

The European Commission recently published the best available techniques (BAT) conclusions for the production of chlor-alkali. Chlorine chemistry is used to manufacture a wide range of products such as window frames, pipes, flooring, upholstery, insulation, plastics or paints.

Dec 17 2013

The JRC developed a modelling platform to estimate organic carbon stock in European agricultural soils and presented its outcome in the Global Change Biology journal. The platform could serve as a tool to carry out scenario analyses for developing and monitoring European climate change effects and agricultural policies.

Dec 16 2013

Together with the College of Europe, the JRC organised the third high-level roundtable on financial stability today. The participants tried to identify possible new avenues for scientific support to structural reforms, the financing of the real economy and shadow banking monitoring. They also explored the risks and opportunities in the context of the on-going Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations.

Dec 13 2013

A geo-economic analysis, identifying the least-cost rural electrification options for sub-Saharan Africa which could bring an end to the persistent energy poverty, was recently presented in an article published in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. JRC scientists carried out their research in collaboration with colleagues from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Dec 12 2013

On 9 December 2013, the JRC launched FACET, a Flavourings, Additives, and food Contact materials Exposure Tool consisting of a downloadable programme to estimate the EU consumers' exposure to these substances.