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The Commission is launching an interactive website to navigate the resilience dashboards, a set of indicators and information on resilience in Member States and non-EU count.
The indicators on the resilience dashboards span four interrelated dimensions.
Nov 29 2021

Interactive website launched to navigate the resilience dashboards, a set of indicators and information on resilience in Member States and non-EU countries.

The study showed that 17 % of the herbs and spices analysed were suspicious of being adulterated, the oregano supply chain being the most vulnerable
Nov 25 2021

The European Commission published today the results of the first coordinated control plan on the authenticity of herbs and spices carried out by 21 EU Member States, Switzerland and Norway, a study performed on nearly 10,000 analyses.

Science supports disaster risk management and prevention
Nov 24 2021

Representatives of the Joint Research Centre present the contribution of science to managing risks of current and future disasters at the European Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction taking place this week in Portugal.

The New European Bauhaus is all about shaping more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive forms of living together
Nov 24 2021

In September, the Commission adopted an official communication on the New European Bauhaus, taking inspiration from six months of conversation with thousands of individuals and organisations across Europe and beyond.

The Communication sets out the concept of the initiative, as well as several policy actions and funding possibilities to drive it forward.

Technology and innovation are major building blocks in achieving the deep cuts in carbon emissions enabling the transition to a net-zero carbon world
Nov 23 2021

The 4th edition of the JRC – OECD joint report on the innovative activity of the world’s top corporate R&D investors focuses on the impact they can have on accomplishing climate neutrality.

fleet of ships moored in port
Fishing fleets in the EU
Nov 22 2021

Despite a reduction in profits forecast for 2021 due to the rise in fuel prices, the EU fleet is expected to end 2021 with positive margins.

Most children interviewed said they enjoyed using digital technologies, but were critical of the way it was used for remote schooling
Nov 19 2021

Interviews explore how children and their parents coped with schooling during the spring 2020 COVID-19 lockdown.

Residential heating is a significant source of PM2.5 pollution in several European cities
Nov 17 2021

The JRC’s Air Quality Atlas for Europe shows the major categories of PM2.5 emission sources –and where those sources originate - for 150 cities

Policymakers should systematically consider values and identities.
Nov 17 2021

Policymaking can achieve better results and decrease political polarisation by by taking into account citizens’ values and identities.

The Scoreboard presents an in-depth analysis of Europe’s raw material supply chains, their competitiveness and trade flows
Nov 17 2021

The 3rd Raw Materials Scoreboard provides input to the EU’s policy efforts at a time when global raw material supply chains continue to be severely disrupted, including as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent surge in energy prices around the world.