JRC News

  1. 22 Apr 2013

    The JRC has published today the 2012 update of the 2011 report "Smart Grid projects in Europe: lessons learned and current developments ", which is the most comprehensive inventory of smart grid and smart metering initiatives across the European Union, Croatia, Switzerland and Norway.

  2. 24 May 2011

    The JRC participated for the first time in Jugend forscht, the biggest youth science and technology competition in Europe which had a record participation of 10,677 this year.

  3. 3 Jul 2012

    Successful participants in youth science competitions are spending a few days at JRC's Ispra site. They were awarded the prizes donated by the JRC in support of the 23rd European Union Contest for Young Scientists and the German 'Jugend forscht' competition.

  4. 5 Jul 2013

    The JRC supports the 6th International Summer School on Measurement Science in Chemistry, held at the University Claude Bernard from 7 until 20 July. The Summer School is run by a consortium of 9 universities (one from Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Portugal and Slovenia, and three from Poland).

  5. 18 Jun 2014

    The latest MARS Crop Monitoring Bulletin, published today, reports an overall positive outlook for EU-28 crop yields: above the 5-year average and close to 2013 yields - with only minor changes compared to the May forecasts.

  6. 4 Dec 2015

    The overwhelming majority of soil resources across the globe are in poor condition and their health is worsening, according to the first global status report on soil resources, which is being presented today in Rome in anticipation of the World Soil Day (5 December). The JRC provided extensive contributions, particularly on the regional assessment of soils in Europe. The World Soil resources report is one of the main achievements of the Global Soil Partnership (GSP) in the context of the International Year of Soil (IYS).

  7. 27 Sep 2012

    Chronic myelogenous leukaemia (CML) is a cancer of the white blood cells. In the EU about 9600 new patients per year are diagnosed and CML accounts for 70% of all childhood leukaemia cases. CML can currently not be cured, but kept under control with specific enzyme inhibitors. Regular monitoring of the CML patient is needed to ensure optimal treatment of the patient.

  8. 4 Dec 2013
    JRC-IRMM releases the first rapeseed powder material certified for a GMO mass fraction world-wide. Provided that the 73496 GMO rapeseed event will be authorised for the European market, this certified reference material will help GMO testing laboratories to implement the European labelling threshold, and enabling consumers to choose their preferred food. The material can be used for calibration and quality control without the need for a grinding or mixing step.
  9. 7 Aug 2012

    A paper co-authored by JRC researchers and recently published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics demonstrates the extent to which global air quality will deteriorate by 2050 if man-made emissions remain at current levels and air quality legislation is not reinforced. According to the paper, Effects of business-as-usual anthropogenic emissions on air quality, the air quality experienced by the average global citizen in 2050 would be almost as poor as that experienced by the average citizen in East Asia today.

  10. 22 Mar 2012

    22 March marks the annual celebration of International World Water Day. Action is needed to balance the difficult water supply and demand equation, handle water stress or water scarcity in times of changing climate and sustain our water ecosystems. The European Commission supports research to help to manage our water resources sustainably and achieve the shift towards an internationally competitive, water-efficient economy in Europe.