JRC News

  1. 24 May 2013

    A new map developed by the JRC provides a more accurate picture of how population is distributed in the EU. With a resolution of 100 x 100 metres, the map allows visual, quantitative and qualitative comparisons between different territories, cities and regions. This is thanks to the combination of statistical population data reported at commune level with several detailed cartographic datasets on the location of residential areas.

  2. 28 Jan 2009

    The JRC and the government of Bulgaria, represented by the State Agency for Information Technologies and Communications (SAITC), today announce the establishment of an organisational framework is support of a new territorial management system in Bulgaria. The application of the INSPIRE (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe) Directive will strengthen territorial management policies in Bulgaria and will make environmental information more accessible to citizens, stakeholders and decision-makers.

  3. 26 Feb 2008

    The European Commission has welcomed the adoption by Council of its proposal for a regulation establishing an EU framework for the collection, management and use of data in the fisheries sector and support for scientific advice regarding the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). The new framework retains and builds on the proven features of the existing data collection system. It also introduces provisions to meet the new developments following the 2002 Reform of the CFP, in particular the move towards fisheries- or fleet-based management as opposed to managing individual stocks, the integration of environmental data, and the shift towards an ecosystem-based approach. The Commission will shortly introduce a proposal for detailed implementing rules.

  4. 25 Aug 2014

    The latest MARS crop monitoring in Europe bulletin, published today, reports that overall EU-28 cereal yield forecasts for 2014 remain favourable, at the level of last year and above the average of the past five years (+6.1%). Yield prospects for grain maize are excellent at the moment, with forecast yields 11% above the level of last year and the past five years' average.

  5. 27 Feb 2012

    The JRC has released the first version of the INSPIRE Geoportal, which allows users to access spatial and environmental data from many different sources across Europe in one single search. The fact that different actors will now have access to the same information is particularly useful in dealing with emergencies that involve many different actors, such as large forest fires or cross border rescue operations, and will efficiently support collaborative efforts to prevent environmental damage and compare and reduce energy consumption across different sectors and countries.

  6. 25 Apr 2012

    On Wednesday 25 April, JRC released a report which describes a platform for the exchange and harmonisation of geographic and environmental data across the EU-27, aimed to better address water management, disaster mitigation, public health, agriculture and nature protection. This will translate into reducing costs of public administration and into clear benefits for the citizen, ranging from improved emergency services to a healthier everyday environment.

  7. 29 Jun 2011

    The European Union has launched a public consultation on INSPIRE, the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe. With INSPIRE, the EU is creating a common standard for spatial environmental information. Relevant bodies in different countries will be able to access the same information to deal with emergencies such as forest fires or cross border rescue operations. A homogeneous data system will also be important to prevent environmental damage and reduce energy consumption.

  8. 17 Dec 2008

    A new global map released today by the Joint Research Centre and published in the World Bank’s World Development Report 2009 measures urbanisation in the new perspective of Travel Time to 8,500 Major Cities. The map fills an important gap in our understanding of economic, physical and social connectivity.

  9. 4 Dec 2007

    As a further development of the European Soil Data Center (ESDAC), a full archive of digital soil maps has been delivered on-line for free, unrestricted access for external users. It includes 5665 maps from 129 countries and forms the single biggest digital soil map archive in the world.

  10. 9 Apr 2015

    DOPA Explorer 1.0 is the JRC's latest web-based interface which provides a simple way to explore nearly 16 000 of the world's protected areas.