JRC News

  1. 19 Sep 2014

    A JRC-designed path for the visually impaired was inaugurated today in Melsungen, Germany. The new path will enable a visually impaired person to move around independently in the historical centre of Melsungen using a walking cane, which recognises the signals emitted by microchips placed in the pavement.

  2. 11 Dec 2013

    The European Commission has adopted the JRC's first Work Programme for 2014-2015 under Horizon 2020, the new EU strategy to boost research and innovation. The programme is aligned with the European Union's policy priorities, such as overcoming the economic crisis, encouraging the use of renewable energy and tackling climate change.

  3. 31 Aug 2012

    In today's globalised world, keeping aware and staying ahead on all sorts of issues from health, environment and energy to political affairs, security and the financial crisis has become a mammoth task. Breaking down language barriers means first-hand access to relevant information that helps to keep the citizen, the policy maker, governmental authorities, the private sector, industry, etc. better informed, especially on fast changing and impacting issues.

  4. 27 Sep 2013

    With the close cooperation of the US mission to the EU, the JRC organised a high-level meeting on Thursday 26 September in order to examine the scientific potential to support eco-industries and technologies on both sides of the Atlantic.

  5. 26 Feb 2015

    A JRC-hosted roundtable on creative and cultural industries on 25 February brought together policy- and law-makers, as well as cultural associations and foundations and other stakeholders, who discussed how to measure the impact of this remarkably dynamic and innovative sector.

  6. 30 May 2012

    Six companies have been awarded the 2012 European code of conduct for data centres prize for the innovative technologies adopted to improve the energy efficiency. They are: IBM (27 data centres in 15 countries), Google (data centre in St. Ghislain, Belgium), the Datacenter Group (Amsterdam), R-iX, Intermax, and Hoogendoorn IT Services (Spaanse Kubus in Rotterdam) and Migration Solutions Ltd (Norwich, UK).

  7. 3 Jul 2015

    The JRC partnered with EUROCARERS to launch a new online database of digital services for carers of older people to assist carers in fulfilling their activities.

  8. 20 Sep 2013

    The JRC and Euro-CASE, the European Council of Academies of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering, co-organised a high-level roundtable on 19 September on the dialogue between science, technology and society, in the areas of energy and climate change, in order to identify how important technological changes are perceived and to determine the key factors to improve the interaction.

  9. 12 Jun 2008

    On 21 May 2008 the European Root Certification Authority (ERCA) celebrated the performance of the 50th key certification session provided to Member States and other associated countries in the context of the European legislation on the digital tachograph system.

  10. 21 Dec 2007

    The JRC Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) is contributing to the European Commission's efforts to encourage the development of media literacy and the exchange of good practice across Europe.