JRC News

  1. 3 Dec 2014

    The JRC hosted this week at its Ispra site a first visit on scientific cooperation with Latin American countries. EU-accredited ambassadors and diplomats from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay and Venezuela attended the event.

  2. 23 Jul 2014

    The JRC and the Cyprus Institute hosted an official signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in order to further strengthen the collaboration of the JRC with Cyprus. The MoU specifies advancing science, technology and innovation in fields of mutual interest including environment, climate change, energy, water and technological advances and standardisation in cultural heritage preservation.

  3. 18 Apr 2014

    The JRC released a guidance document for the monitoring of marine litter in European seas. It provides the Member States with recommendations and information in order to support establishing monitoring programmes, a milestone in the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). Through the Directive, EU Member States committed themselves to the development of strategies to achieve good environmental status of European seas.

  4. 1 Apr 2014

    The JRC and the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology today signed an agreement on research co-operation in fields of mutual interest. It aims at establishing the basis for co-operation in energy, maritime affairs, food, health environment and security.

  5. 31 Mar 2014

    Under the lead of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and the Dartmouth Flood Observatory (University of Colorado), the Global Flood Partnership was launched earlier this month. It is a unique international forum aimed at developing a global flood observation and modelling infrastructure for managing and forecasting flood risk at a global scale.

  6. 17 Feb 2014

    The JRC has just launched the second phase of the Illicit Trafficking Radiation Detection Assessment Programme (ITRAP+10), which will focus on testing mobile radiation detection equipment and investigating the integration of radiological, nuclear and explosives detection techniques. By organising a proficiency test, phase II takes a step towards the establishment of a network of accredited laboratories in the EU, able to certify radiation detection equipment against international or European Standards.

  7. 13 Feb 2014

    JRC-organised symposia focusing on scientific support to fields as diverse as global trade, fisheries, soil, behavioural economics and cybersecurity feature in the rich programme of the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). This year's edition kicks off on 13 February and will run for 5 days in Chicago (USA).

  8. 13 Feb 2014

    A counter nuclear smuggling workshop, co-hosted by the Institute for Transuranium Elements of the European Commission Joint Research Centre and the United States of America, took place on 11-13 February. The International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) Incident and Trafficking Database (ITDB) indicates that nuclear and radioactive materials continue to be encountered out of regulatory control.

  9. 4 Feb 2014

    Marked annually on 4 February, this year's World Cancer Day carries the message "Debunk the myths" which aims to reduce stigma and dispel myths about cancer. The campaign highlights the objective of raising awareness and encouraging governments and individuals around the globe to take action and develop strategies to fight cancer.

  10. 16 Dec 2013

    Together with the College of Europe, the JRC organised the third high-level roundtable on financial stability today. The participants tried to identify possible new avenues for scientific support to structural reforms, the financing of the real economy and shadow banking monitoring. They also explored the risks and opportunities in the context of the on-going Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations.