JRC News

  1. 22 Apr 2013

    The JRC has published today the 2012 update of the 2011 report "Smart Grid projects in Europe: lessons learned and current developments ", which is the most comprehensive inventory of smart grid and smart metering initiatives across the European Union, Croatia, Switzerland and Norway.

  2. 2 May 2013

    Today the Commission published a Communication setting out a strategy to enable the EU to have a world-class technology and innovation sector fit for coping with the challenges up to 2020 and beyond. The document stresses the need for accelerating innovation in cutting edge low-carbon technologies and innovative solutions, for reducing costs rapidly and speeding up the introduction of new technologies to the market.

  3. 3 May 2013

    A JRC report assessing Europe's potential for pumped hydropower, the most used electricity storage, revealed that for a set of countries for which comparable data are available, the current storage capacity could be increased by up to 10 times when new plants are based on one existing reservoir. A larger capacity to store energy would allow a higher penetration of renewable energies and would support the EU's efforts to reach its goal of 20% of energy from renewables by 2020.

  4. 1 Jul 2013

    The third in the JRC's series of thematic reports has been published. Entitled 'Science for Energy', this new publication gives an insight into the research carried out by the JRC in the areas of energy efficiency, security of energy supply, renewable energy, nuclear energy , energy technology innovation and hydrogen technologies.

  5. 4 Jul 2013

    The JRC and the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the EU jointly organise today a conference focused on the role of science as a contributor to address the challenges and opportunities of energy security in the Baltic region, oriented to energy production, energy storage, energy transmission and distribution.

  6. 11 Sep 2013

    JRC's SESAMONET (SEcure and SAfe MObility NETwork), a 'virtual path' based on an innovative application of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is being tested since yesterday at the Kassel Calden regional airport, Germany.

  7. 17 Oct 2013

    Today, Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič and Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn inaugurated new laboratory and office space at the JRC's site in Ispra (Northern Italy). This marks an important milestone in the renewal of the Commission's third biggest site after Brussels and Luxembourg.

  8. 29 Oct 2013

    How involved are consumers in the future electricity system? What do they know about 'smart grids', electricity networks where electric power and communication not only flows from supplier to consumer, but also the other way round? The incorporation of new information and communication technologies in the electricity network will turn the consumers - traditionally passive end-users - into active players.

  9. 7 Nov 2013

    The JRC has developed innovative software to assess the cyber-security of connected critical infrastructures (CIs), such as railway systems, energy networks or power plants. The AMICI software, which stands for Assessment platform for Multiple Interdependent Critical Infrastructures, provides a novel experimental approach as it takes into account both the virtual and the physical aspects of modern interconnected CIs.

  10. 13 Nov 2013

    Spurred by a renewed interest in power storage, the JRC provided several recommendations in a recently published report on how to improve assessing the economic value of storing electricity. Drafted in cooperation with the R&D department of Electricité de France (EDF), it presents an overview of the current research on the economic drivers or barriers (such as high costs, restrictions to offer certain services) for electricity storage.