JRC News

  1. 8 Nov 2012

    Financial stability is a sine qua non to maximise the benefits of the internal market and generate growth and jobs. To restore confidence among depositors and investors, targeted reforms are necessary to create more transparent and better governed financial institutions.

  2. 13 Dec 2012

    New services can vitalise the economy, as they generate jobs and growth, and the services sector accounts already for about two thirds of employment and GDP in Europe. Innovation in this area can be driven by the exploitation of new technologies, new markets or new organisational structures.

  3. 11 Dec 2013

    The European Commission has adopted the JRC's first Work Programme for 2014-2015 under Horizon 2020, the new EU strategy to boost research and innovation. The programme is aligned with the European Union's policy priorities, such as overcoming the economic crisis, encouraging the use of renewable energy and tackling climate change.

  4. 29 Jan 2014

    Today the Commission adopted a proposal for a new Regulation on the structural reform of the EU banking sector. Since the start of the financial crisis, the EU has initiated a large number of reforms in a fundamental overhaul of the financial system to make it more robust and resilient, while ensuring its support to the real economy. The JRC has worked on the preparation of the quantitative analyses underpinning this proposal.

  5. 16 May 2014

    The JRC has contributed to the Economic Review of the Financial Regulation Agenda, presented yesterday by the European Commission. The document assesses the impact of the banking regulatory framework put in place by the EU in response to the financial and economic crisis. JRC analysis assesses the benefits of introducing increased capital requirements and resolution tools for banks, their effectiveness in reducing the probability of future crises and their impact on the society.

  6. 30 Jul 2014

    JRC analysis of EU human settlements, land-use and resource efficiency, as well as modelling work addressing options for urban and regional development have fed into the 6th Report on Economic, Social and Territorial Cohesion, released on 23 July by the European Commission.

  7. 9 Oct 2014

    How much is Europe investing in the bioeconomy today? What is the state of the bioeconomy sectors across the EU? What are the related policy initiatives taken at EU and national levels? Replies to those and similar questions can be found on the bioeconomy observatory website, set up by the JRC.

  8. 28 Oct 2014

    Extensive quantative analyses carried out by the JRC has contributed to the latest Commission legislation on how banks' contributions to resolution funds should be calculated, in particular the Single Resolution Fund under the Banking Union.

  9. 6 Feb 2015

    Covering all rural and urban areas in the EU, the new European settlement map created by the JRC provides the first comprehensive overview of all built-up areas in Europe.