JRC News

  1. 23 Nov 2015

    The latest MARS crop monitoring bulletin finds that growing conditions have been good for recently sown and emerging winter crops, thanks to above-average temperatures in most European agricultural regions from late October to mid-November.

  2. 20 Nov 2015

    This week's declaration of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), a partnership of EU28, the European Commission and 15 Mediterranean countries, focused on closer cooperation to promote growth, jobs and investments deriving from the marine and maritime sectors.

  3. 29 Oct 2015

    In close collaboration with Japanese research institutions, scientists from the JRC-Institute for Reference Materials (IRMM) investigated and applied several detectors to measure the very low activity levels of radionuclides from North Pacific seawater samples to understand the impact of the Fukushima incident.

  4. 23 Oct 2015

    JRC scientists developed and validated a method for the determination of mercury in seawater. This method was designed to fulfil the needs for process control during the production of a new seawater certified reference material, currently under development at the JRC-Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM).

  5. 20 Oct 2015

    In support of the Euratom Treaty Articles 35/36 (monitoring and reporting of radioactivity in the environment), an interlaboratory comparison (ILC) on low levels of radioactivity was organised by the Joint Research Centre, Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (JRC-IRMM). Participants in this ILC study were 71 European environmental radioactivity monitoring laboratories.

  6. 12 Oct 2015

    Estimated electricity production from the total waste generated in Africa could reach 122.2 TWh in 2025, or more than 20% of the electricity consumed in 2010 at continental level (661.5TWh).

  7. 6 Oct 2015

    The Commission has recently published a Report on the “Mid-term Review of the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 20201” (COM(2011) 244), which takes stock of progress made towards the strategy’s targets and actions since it was adopted in 2011. This review will inform decision-makers of areas in which increased efforts are needed to ensure that the EU meets its biodiversity commitments by 2020.

  8. 30 Sep 2015

    The European Commission launched the Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre; a new in-house centre to help EU Member States respond to emergencies, prevent and reduce the impact of disasters.

  9. 25 Sep 2015

    Researchers’ Night, a popular science event, marks its first decade across the EU and neighbouring countries. On 25 and 26 September, JRC scientists talk about their work to young and old and why science matters in Milan, Turin, Varese and Seville.

  10. 16 Sep 2015

    JRC scientists are the main authors of a recent article in Environmental Science & Policy that describes a new methodology to identify and map green infrastructure (GI) based on multifunctional ecosystem services and ecological networks, and illustrates its use by mapping a European GI network.